‘If He Identities as a Woman, Go Ahead’: UFC Champion Michael Bisping Blasts Brad Pitt, Says He Will ‘Slap His Face’ for ‘Walking Around in a F*cking Skirt’ to Bullet Train Premiere

UFC fighter Michael Bisping recently criticized Brad Pitt for wearing a skirt to Bullet Train‘s premiere in Germany. Brad Pitt made headlines recently for his bold look at the film’s premiere in Germany and even revealed why he went with that look. While a lot of people liked his look, UFC fighter Michael Bisping criticized his look saying “he will slap his face.” He made it clear that he is a fan of Brad Pitt’s work but he doesn’t agree with Brad Pitt.

Michael Bisping came after Brad Pitt

Michael Bisping
Michael Bisping did not like the actor’s look

Michael Bisping thinks Brad Pitt went with that look to garner media attention. He said on a recent episode of the Believe You Me podcast,

“Listen, I am a fan of Brad Pitt. I enjoy the body of work. I thought he was very good in a lot of his movies. Snatch was incredible. Fight Club was another good one. The list goes on. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and, no doubt, Bullet Train is great. But if he suggested I am gonna be walking around in a f**king skirt this time next year, I will slap his face. No, I will not be doing that.”

He explained that he is a fan of his work but didn’t like what he pulled off.

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The actor wore a skirt at Bullet Train’s premiere in Germany

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt at Bullet Train’s premiere in Germany

The Se7en star wore a linen skirt at the premiere of Bullet Train in Germany. A few days after this, at the premiere of the movie in Los Angeles the actor revealed why he decided to go with that look, he told Variety, “I don’t know! We’re all going to die, so let’s mess it up”.

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Michael Bisping thinks Brad Pitt did that for attention

Michael Bisping
Michael Bisping thinks he did it to stay relevant

Michael Bisping further explained that the Fight Club star only did it for media attention. He said,

“It’s a dress and he’s just doing it for clicks. If he identifies as a woman, go ahead.”

He thinks he did it for clicks and to stay relevant. While he thinks he is right, a lot of people on social media criticized the fighter for his statements.

Source: Believe You Me podcast

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