‘If I Retreat Kill Me, If I Die Avenge Me’: Zack Snyder Declares War on Warner Brothers Report, Rallies His Snyder Army Against Shameful Accusations

The original Justice League switched directors in the middle of production after Zack Snyder stepped down from the project mid-way through production due to family tragedy, and Joss Whedon decided to complete the movie which was later torn apart by critics and fans alike. Then Joss Whedon was replaced too after actor Ray Fisher accused him of inappropriate and abusive on-set behavior. The actor then decided to call out multiple people at Warner Bros.

Recently, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher blasted a famous news outlet accusing it of evading facts

Zack Snyder
Director Zack Snyder

Recently, a famous news outlet published an investigative piece looking into how Zack Snyder looks to have manipulated the situation behind the scenes while filming the movie. The article included theories that he employed Twitter bots, weaponized his fanbase, and threatened producers on the project, along with Cyborg actor Ray Fisher.

Ray Fisher called it a “hit piece”

Cyborg Actor Ray Fisher confesses that He Hasn't Seen the Snyder Cut of Justice League
Cyborg Actor Ray Fisher

Once it was published, Ray Fisher came after it and called it a “hit piece”, and even insulted the writer behind it. Zack Snyder decided to reply to the allegations that the article accused him of, including that a significant portion of the Snyder fanbase is fake bots, using graphic art.

A day after the article went live, Snyder posted on his Vero, that said, “If I advance follow me, if I retreat kill me, if I die avenge me.

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All the insiders that were interviewed believe that Ray Fisher was working with Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder

The article also revealed that nearly all the insiders that they interviewed believed that actor Ray Fisher was working with the director due to the actor’s viral callout tweets coming directly after behind-the-scenes demands from the director. He claimed that the allegation was “totally untrue” while Fisher declined an official comment at the time (though he addressed it later on Twitter).

Source: The Direct

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