‘If it was a female celeb, she’d be called a sl*t’: Fans Slam Pete Davidson Romancing Chase Sui Wonders as Previous ‘Beau’ Emily Ratajkowski Settles for Eric Andre

The relationship between Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski was allegedly over as the former Saturday Night Live comedian and model ended their relationship just over a month after first being spotted together in November. Few reports stated that their fling has moved into the friend zone. However, he seems to be moving beyond the friend zone and moving towards a romantic relationship with his co-star Chase Sui Wonders, as the two were often seen together in their comfort zone.

Pete Davison
Pete Davison

Among the stars, Pete Davidson reportedly dated are Kim Kardashian, Arianna Grande, Emily Ratajkowski, and Kate Beckinsale. The fans, however, were not too kind to him regarding his fast-paced dating rumors. In the meantime, his ex-beau, Emily Ratajkowski, has been spotted with Eric Andre after allegedly dating Jack Greer and DJ Orazio Rispo. The Gone Girl star recently divorced Sebastian Bear-McClard, the father of her only child.

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Are Pete Davidson And Co-star Chase Sui Wonders Dating?

This is the fourth time Pete Davidson, 29, and Chase Sui Wonders, 26, have been spotted together in the last month. On Monday, Davidson and Wonders were spotted in a restaurant together in Brooklyn. According to reports, the Bodies, Bodies, Bodies co-stars seemed to have gone beyond friendship, as the pair appeared to be cozying up to each other. The couple sat in a booth at Baba’s Perogies as they laughed over something they were watching on Davidson’s phone.

Pete Davidson and Chase Sui
Davidson and Chase Sui Wonders

In one instance, Wonders even wrapped her arm around his shoulders while pressing her cheek against his. They stayed casual in sweatshirts as they cuddled up to one another. Other customers at the restaurant reported that the couple even exchanged a couple of sweet sm**ches.

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Fans Lambast Pete Davidson For His Current Dating Rumors

His fans believe that the former SNL comedian has moved on from his past relationship with Emily Ratajkowski and is allegedly dating Chase Sui Wonders, his co-star in Bodies, Bodies, Bodies. Many are happy about his new rumored relationship, but many blasted him for the same.

Yesterday, Pop Crave tweeted about Davidson and Wonders’ outing, which caught the attention of fans, resulting in anger from them. The tweet reads,

Pete Davidson and ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ co-star Chase Sui Wonders spark dating rumors after being spotted cuddling in Brooklyn restaurant.”

A few fans seem unhappy with Davidson’s quick move into a new relationship and have started slamming him in the comments.

According to reports, Davidson’s friends, on the other hand, think he needs to try dating outside the celebrity circle as they believe his relationship with Kim Kardashian stressed him out for a long time. As of now, Davidson has moved on to his new partner, so he seems to be out of the old stress.

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Emily Ratajkowski And Eric André Are Seen Together On A Dinner Date

In addition to outings with Pete Davidson, Jack Greer, and DJ Orazio Rispo, Emily Ratajkowski has recently been on a romantic date with comedian Eric André. Last month, the 31-year-old model shared a kiss with singer Greer but was spotted spending Saturday night with the 39-year-old comedian in New York City.

Eric Andre and Emily Ratajkowski spotted together
Eric André and Emily Ratajkowski were spotted together

According to reports, on Saturday night, André and Ratajkowski sat down at the Japanese restaurant at 8:10 p.m. While taking a cozy stroll together in Manhattan, they exchanged adoring glances and laughed a bit together. The model looked stunning in a long black leather trenchcoat paired with a sheer midi dress and the latest black Salomon running shoes. Adding to her look, she wore a black leather Hermes bag and a pair of sizeable dangling gold earrings. Eric André maintained a casual appearance by wearing a long black coat over a green floral shirt, khaki trousers, and high-top Adidas Forum 84 sneakers.

Source: Twitter, Page Six

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