‘If She’s Not There, I Will Cry’: Fans Demand More Kat Dennings’ Darcy in Thor: Love and Thunder

With Thor Love and Thunder few days left to reach the theatres, fans are demanding Kat Dennings who was last seen in Wanda Vision. Kat Dennings debuted alongside Natalie Portman in the first Thor movie. Reportedly, Dennings will make a comeback in the MCU alongside her ally Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster in Thor Love and Thunder.

Thor and Darcy Lewis
Thor and Darcy Lewis

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Kat Dennings and Thor connection

Dennings played Darcy Lewis and is an intern for Erik Selvig and an assistant to Jane Foster in the first Thor movie. While working with the scientists, Darcy Lewis Lewis came into contact with Asgard when Thor arrived on Earth. Now when it is rumored that Darcy might return to MCU fans can not wait to see her!

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Kat Dennings on Thor 4 red carpet event

Kat Dennings
Kat Dennings on Thor Love and Thunder Red Carpet

During the world premiere event of Thor Love and Thunder, Kat Dennings was seen and fans have been wondering what role she could play. “If she’s not in the movie I’ll cry”, a user wrote asking for Dennings to appear in Thor Love and Thunder.

Fans also gave marriage proposals to the former intern of Erik Selvig.

Apart from Thor and MCU, Kat Dennings is famous for her role as Max Black on 2 Broke Girls. Dennings made TV viewers fall in love with her strong, funny, and totally relatable character.

Kat Dennings in another She-Hulk series?

After appearing in WandaVision on Disney+, there could be a chance that she might revisit her role in the upcoming She-Hulk series. 

After helping Thor in the first movie, Darcy Lewis eventually graduated with a doctorate in astrophysics to explore the subject. Later, she went on to appear in Thor: The Dark World (2013), and WandaVision on Disney+. With the fourth titular movie, it is speculated that Darcy Evans will be seen once again in Thor Love and Thunder.

The tickets for Thor Love and Thunder are now on sale. The movie’s set for release on July 8, 2022.

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