“I’ll never speak Ill of my brothers”: Jamie Foxx Says He Won’t Talk About Kanye West, Believes Celebrities Aren’t Funny Like They Used To Be Before

Kanye West, who is regarded as one of the greatest musicians of this generation has been under major media scrutiny. Despite having a successful career, his continuous controversial remarks in recent years majorly affected his public image. Due to his recent anti-semitic remarks, many celebrities have addressed his rants, however, Jamie Foxx has different thoughts regarding him.

Kanye West
American rapper, Kanye West

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The 54-year-old actor in a recent interview with TMZ talked about missing the good old times when things were rather simple than complicated, referring to the present time.

Jamie Foxx Considers Hollywood is Under The Influence of Negativity

Jamie Foxx
American actor Jamie Foxx

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The Just Mercy actor, Jamie Foxx in a conversation with TMZ sent condolences to the Grammy-nominated rapper Takeoff who passed away in a shooting in Houston, Texas.

After recalling that tragic incident, he believed that Hollywood is surrounded by negativity comparing the time to the 2000s. The actor opened up about feeling “general heaviness” among his friends, especially rappers in the industry, who are going through either something tragic or dark moments in their lives.

He suggested that all the negativity hovering over the industry could be kept away if “everyone just went back to having fun again like they used to” as per the outlet.

The singer rather insisted to look at the positive aspect. However, he mentioned that the positive side is rather gone especially this year when the world is observing “more killings than ever.” Not just that, the industry is engulfed with several controversies including that of Kanye West.

Jamie Foxx Will Never Speak Ill of Kanye West

Kanye West
The 45-year-old rapper Kanye West

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Talking about rapper/fashion designer, Kanye West, who is surrounded with strings of controversies over the years, Foxx stated he would not “speak ill of his brothers” which included the Donda rapper.

The Django Unchained star has worked with West on several hit songs which is why he would not want to think about him negatively.

Foxx points out that the media often focuses on the negative things going on in the world neglecting the positive side which is why the industry is delving into rancor.

Even though the 54-year-old Intuition star wants to look at the positive side, it is somewhat unacceptable to ignore the negative narrative when the world is aware of the wrongdoings happening in it.

West has been in the public eye since early October for making anti-semitic remarks on his social media platforms and further stating it in interviews. He chose to remain steadfast in his views which caused him further trouble in the industry.

The aftermath of his controversial statements resulted in the rapper losing several brand collaborations along with the criticisms he faced from celebrities and people all across the world.

Source: TMZ

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