“I’m a little bit big right now”: Selena Gomez Breaks Silence on Body shaming Insults After Her Golden Globes Appearance

Celebrities have to deal with body shaming all the time, and Selena Gomez has been one of the Hollywood stars who has constantly been the target of body shamers. She has faced criticism multiple times regarding her personal and professional life. The singer earlier opened up about her health issues and shared that she struggled with constantly fluctuating weight. She also talked about the issue on social media as she called out haters for commenting on her weight and body. Even after all this, the Monte Carlo star once again faced the same criticism after she attended the 2023 Golden Globe Award.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez Responds to Body-Shaming Comments

Selena Gomez looked stunning as she walked down the red carpet in an off-shoulder purple velvet Valentino gown with puffed sleeves. She completed her look with a high ponytail and a pair of diamond drop earrings. Gomez joined the award ceremony after receiving her first-ever Golden Globe nomination for acting.

The singer-actor was nominated for Best Actress in a Television series-Musical or Comedy for her role in Only Murders in the Building. Her nine-year-old sister, Gracie Teefey also joined her at the award ceremony.

Selena Gomez with her sister at the 2023 Golden Globe Awards
Selena Gomez with her sister at the 2023 Golden Globe Awards

While the two sisters enjoyed the ceremony, people once again started body shaming the Rare Beauty founder. This would not be the first time she has faced such comments, and the singer did not hesitate to clap back at the people who left unpleasant comments about her body during her Instagram live.

A short clip from her live session shared by PopNewsDaily on TikTok shows the singer with her sister. Gomez asked her nine-year-old sister, “I’m a little bit big right now because I enjoyed myself during the holidays, right?” The singer earlier responded to the body shaming comments on Instagram, where she shared that no matter what she does, people would always have issues.

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Selena Gomez Doesn’t Care What People Say About Her

Earlier, the singer shared a short video on TikTok, calling out people who commented about her weight and body. She said that she doesn’t care about her weight as people make their judgments no matter what she does.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez responds to body shaming comments

“So I be trying to stay skinny, but I went to Jack in the Box and I got four tacos, three egg rolls, onion rings, and a spicy chicken sandwich. But honestly, I don’t care about my weight because people b*tch about it anyway. You’re too small. You’re too big. That doesn’t fit. Meh meh meh.”

She said that she is perfect the way she is. Selena Gomez has talked about her being body-shamed several times. She has also shared about the health issues she faced. “I have lupus and deal with kidney issues and high blood pressure, so I deal with a lot of health issues,” she said. The singer shared that it was only then that she started noticing the comments about her body.

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Source: PopNewsDaily

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