“I’m almost positive she slept with him”: Amber Heard Reportedly Making Her Last Hollywood Appearance With Aquaman 2 Due To Blacklisting After Reports Of ‘Sleeping’ With Director James Wan To Secure Role Emerges

Amber Heard is going through a hard time. No doubt about that. Ever since the verdict in the trial court came out, it has been one loss for Heard after the other. And the popularity Johnny Depp enjoys has only increased since the verdict, which has made Heard’s professional life a living hell. But there is one consolation for the actress. Despite all the campaigns and petitions against her, she has managed to hold onto her role in Aquaman 2. Though one might think it is because of her caliber, or because makers don’t want to switch the casting, rumors suggest that there might be another reason altogether.

Amber Heard has “the couch” to thank for her acting career

Amber Heard accused of sleeping her way to the top
Amber Heard is rumored to have slept with Jason Momoa, Zack Snyder, and James Wan

If the rumor mill is to be trusted, Amber Heard has made her Hollywood career on the back of her off-screen sexual appeal, and later blackmailing, a host of popular names, including the likes of Zack Snyder, the man behind the original Justice League, Jason Momoa, her Aquaman co-star, and James Wan, the director of the Aquaman series.

The rumors had been doing the rounds for quite some time in the industry, with the same names being repeated over and over again. An insider for the Australian gossip site, Pop Topic, has made the above revelations.

The insider said that Amber Heard “slept” her way to the top. And the same insider said that these rumors are nothing new for people in Hollywood. He said, “Anybody who is anybody in Hollywood has heard of Amber’s wild orgies…” 

This also makes one wonder, whether or not she has slept with James Wan for protecting her role in Aquaman 2. The source addresses this query, further adding, “A lot of us are starting to wonder whether she slept with James Wan and that’s how she secured this role, especially after seeing in an intimate setting with him and Elon Musk. We know what kind of wild things the two of them got up to.”

There could be a lot of credence behind these rumors. As it is this practice that got her the role in Aquaman in the first place.

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A B-list actress slept with an actor and producer to get into a huge project like Aquaman

Amber Heard got the role not by her skill
Heard “slept” her way into Aquaman as well

Six years ago, there was a rumor about Amber Heard that can be read on Foxella. The rumor read:

A B-list actress went after this very good looking, very in shape, very married B+ list actor who was tapped to play a huge role in a huge movie. She made sure she was in his face and under his face and anywhere else she needed to be. She made sure he was in her corner when she went after a part in his movie. A big part. A franchise part. A career role and a chance at A listerdom.”

From there the rumor talks about a certain producer:

So, when one of the producers she was sleeping with suggested her for the role, the actor was on board. The producer had no idea she had covered her bases and was also sleeping with the actor. He thought the actor would say no. So, fame was covered. A great role covered. Money was her next object and it turns out she is even better at that than casting couch antics…”

It is anybody’s guess that the star referred to herein is Jason Momoa, her Aquaman co-star. And the producer is Zack Snyder. These are the heights she scaled in order to get that role.

Yet these did not stall her career since its inception. But they will now.

Amber Heard blacklisted from Hollywood, finally!

Amber Heard has nowhere to run now
Amber Heard finally blacklisted from Hollywood

Amber Heard is now blacklisted from Hollywood. All thanks to her adventurous “exploits“. The star, who had already fashioned an infamous name for herself with all these casting couch rumors, hasn’t been able to recover from the Johnny Depp defamation case verdict.

The source added, “But now, after the trial, and after all the new leaks are coming out about Heard’s past, and even her present, Hollywood has had enough…”

Looks like Heard’s judgment day is here. And Amber Heard’s downfall is not coming to an end anytime soon.

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Source: Cosmic Book News

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