“I’m bringing this chapter of my life to an end”: Panic! At The Disco Comes to an End After Founder Brendon Urie Reveals He’s Focusing on His Family After Nearly 2 Decades

Something must come to an end sometimes to build something new. Originally a band, the now solo project Panic! At the Disco is set to end after its Europe tour. After a prolific run of almost two decades, the band started by high school buddies– Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, and Brent Wilson will terminate. The band has released seven studio albums with some certified bangers along the way.

Brendon Urie recently took to Instagram to announce the split and also shared some exciting new details in his life. Although fans of the group are a bit heartbroken, they are excited to see him start a new phase in his life.

The pop band Panic! at the Disco
The pop band Panic! at the Disco

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Brendon Urie’s statement

The lead showman of the pop band Panic! At The Disco, Brendon Urie released a statement on Instagram stating he and his wife are expecting a baby soon. Thus, he would like to only channel his energy into being a good father to his child and unfortunately cannot give the band his hundred percent attention.

Brendon Urie goes on to explain how excited he is to start this new chapter along with his wife. Words fell short to describe the emotions he was feeling but he did his best to convey them fully. Urie wrote in disbelief,

“Well, it’s been a hell of a journey…Growing up in Vegas I could’ve never imagined where this life would take me. So many places all over the world, and all the friends we’ve made along the way.” 

The instagram statement
Brendon Urie’s Instagram statement

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Urie is extremely thankful to his fans and supporters whether some have been there from day one or found them recently. He was very happy and grateful he and the band members had the opportunity to share their art with their audience.

“Thank you all for your immense support over the years. I’ve sat here trying to come up with the perfect way to say this and I truly can’t put into words how much it has meant to us.”

He ended his statement by focusing on things on the bright side. And shared his excitement about seeing his fans for the last time on the tour for now. Promising a great last show as any showman ever would.

The end of Panic! At The Disco marks the end of an era

Well technically, the band has been broken for quite some time. The band garnered a reputation for being Brendon Urie’s solo project since 2016. After Wilson and Smith departed in the gap of a few years, Brendon Urie was the only one fueling it. But now it is done for good. Songs like I Write Sins, Not Tragedies and many more are the legacy they are living behind

The band first rose to fame with A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out,  and the song Write Sins Not Tragedies, changed its trajectory. After which several popular albums followed and most recently the collaboration with Taylor Swift‘s Me!  reshaped the band’s popularity.

Brendon Urie
Brendon Urie

For now, Brendon Urie is excited at the prospect of being a father and wants to cherish every second of the moment. It is truly a nostalgic moment for the 2000s kids as an entire era came to an end with this breakup.

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