“I’m going to make her seat next to James Corden”: Beyoncé Gets Her Fitting Punishment For Performing at Dubai for $24M After Claiming She’s a Huge LGBTQ Supporter

Beyonce is one of the most established and well-known singers in the world. She made headlines last week after her grand return to the stage after a long time. The star-studded concert took place on Saturday night and thus marked Beyonce’s first full concert in more than 4 years. Although the concert turned out to be a huge success, the American singer is receiving a lot of hate for doing a $24 million concert in Dubai where homosexuality is considered illegal.


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Queen Bey’s recent performance has attracted a lot of hate from different sections of society. Keith McNally also chimed in to blast the Halo singer for her hypocrisy.

Keith McNally voiced his displeasure against Beyonce in an Instagram post

The British restaurateur, Keith McNally is New York City restaurant’s outspoken owner. He recently made headlines after he trashed James Corden for misbehaving with the staff at his restaurant. After the news of Beyonce‘s successful concert in Dubai came to light, McNally took to Instagram to blast the American singer. In a now-deleted Instagram post, McNally wrote,

Beyoncé is understood to have been paid $24 million for an 85-minute concert in Dubai to celebrate the opening of a new hotel. In Dubai Homosexuality is illegal.

Keith McNally
Keith McNally

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He also quoted Peter Tatchell, an LGBT rights campaigner in his post. Tatchell also voiced his displeasure against the Partition singer for her performance in Dubai. Tatchell wrote, “I love Beyoncé’s music but her performance in a dictatorship like Dubai was a huge mistake.” McNally concluded the post by saying that the next time she visits his restaurant, he will make sure that she is seated next to the kitchen.

Keith McNally later decided to delete the post because of his own reasons. He added another Instagram post to explain his decision. He wrote,

I deleted it for many reasons, partly for not fully understanding the customs of the Middle East, but mostly because I felt disingenuous for a reply I made to someone’s comment.

The British restaurateur went on to explain when he was offered to open a restaurant in Dubai. In the end, he still took a shot at Beyonce for her concert and wrote, “I’m still going to seat Beyoncé next to James Corden if and when she next comes to Balthazar.

Keith McNally blasted James Corden for misbehaving with a restaurant’s staff

A few months ago, Keith McNally explained why he almost banned James Corden from coming to his restaurant. He wrote that Corden is “the most abusive customer to my Balthazar servers since the restaurant opened 25 years ago.” The British restaurateur explained two instances where the talk show host had misbehaved with his staff. In one of the incidents, James Corden had yelled so much at one of her servers that she was shaken for the rest of her shift. McNally said that he did not want to call out Corden in front of everyone. However, he “did so out of loyalty to restaurant servers everywhere.

James Corden
James Corden

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Beyonce’s performance was a part of the Atlantis Resort’s Grand Reveal weekend celebration of the upcoming opening of Atlantis the Royal in Dubai.

Source: Page Six

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