“I’m insecure, I suffer in silence at times”: Jennifer Lopez Admits She Doesn’t Have a Perfect Life Despite Marrying Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez has been very busy promoting her upcoming movie Shotgun Wedding, which will be available on Prime Video on January 27. On Wednesday, January 18, she attended the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie, Shotgun Wedding, with her loving husband, Ben Affleck. The power couple never failed to show their love for each other as they shared sweet moments at the premiere afterparty.

Jennifer Lopez is ready for the Shotgun Wedding world premiere
Jennifer Lopez is ready for the Shotgun Wedding premiere

During the premiere of her new film on Wednesday, the singer-actress shared a few details about her life as an artist, a mother, a stepmother, and a wife, and she shared just how difficult life can be at times when it comes to balancing all the things perfectly. Jennifer Lopez married handsome hunk Ben Affleck last year, and they have five children, although they do not share a child together.

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Jennifer Lopez Opened Up About Her Challenges To Balance Her Family and Career

The 53-year-old singer Jennifer Lopez, who married her longtime boyfriend Ben Affleck last year, opened up about the blessings she received from her new blended family. In the wake of her marriage, the singer is trying to make a full-time living by fitting into all her real-life roles.

JLo looks stunning at her movie premiere
JLo looks stunning at her movie premiere

In an interview with PEOPLE at the premiere of her movie Shotgun Wedding on January 18, Lopez told them she often struggles to balance her professional life with her family commitments. She shared that she feels insecure and sometimes doubts about maintaining real-life goals.

JLo said,

“How do I say this? I put my best foot forward as much as I can. I’m not one to share my angst. I don’t feel like that’s my life as a performer. You always show the best of you. But I’m a human being like everybody else, and I suffer in silence at times.”

The singer continued,

“I have an album coming out, and I’ve been thinking a lot about that — like, what parts of myself do I share with my audience? And what it means to be an artist and to be authentic. And I feel like there are some things that need to be said and shared because I think like you just said, it’s like, ‘Oh, you have it all together.'”

She added,

“But the truth is, I’m just like anybody else. I struggle at times, and I wonder at times, and I doubt at times, and I’m insecure.”

In a sheer gown studded with dazzling gold crystals, the Shotgun Wedding actress looked stunning with matching diamond chandelier earrings, a yellow waistband, and a yellow clutch carried in her hand to complete her elegant look.

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Bennifer Shares Sweet Moments At Shotgun Wedding Afterparty

JLo got a sweet gesture from husband Ben Affleck
JLo got a sweet gesture from her husband Ben Affleck

With her husband, Ben Affleck, by her side, Jennifer Lopez celebrated the release of her latest film, Shotgun Wedding, and enjoyed a party following the premiere. JLo posted an Instagram Live on her handle on Wednesday, and she seemed to have great fun at the party. She captioned the video, “HAPPY JENNUARY! Live at the @shotgunweddingmovie after party @primevideo @jennifercoolidge”

This video shows Lopez receiving a sweet kiss from Affleck and a sweet moment with Jennifer Coolidge, one of her co-stars and a recent Golden Globe winner. She expressed her emotions and joy for the movie and the crowd in her background during the video. The power couple Lopez and Affleck looked stunning and adorable with each other.

JLo went live on Instagram at after party of Shotgun Wedding premiere
JLo went live on Instagram at after party of Shotgun Wedding premiere

The new American flick directed by Jason Moore blends thrillers and action like no other rom-com. This movie features Jennifer Lopez as Darcy and Josh Duhamel as Tom, showing everything that could go wrong on the big day, the wedding. The film will be available on Prime Video on January 27, 2023. Along with both actors, the film stars Sônia Braga, Jennifer Coolidge, Lenny Kravitz, and Cheech Marin.

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Source: People, Instagram

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