‘I’m like a mother wolf’: Olivia Wilde in Total Damage Control Mode, Claims She Protected Florence Pugh From Shia LaBeouf By Firing Him from Don’t Worry Darling

Set in the 1950s, Don’t Worry Darling is garnering media attention ahead of its release. Olivia Wilde, the helmer of the film, who is one of the parties involved in the rumors, is now in total damage control mode. She has recently addressed the controversies revolving around firing Shia LaBeouf in a Vanity Fair Profile.

Olivia Wilde
Don’t Worry Darling Director Olivia Wilde

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Olivia Wilde Took A Tricky Call Regarding Shia LaBeouf, Replaced Him With Harry Styles

Olivia Wilde Addressed Replacing Shia Labeouf To Harry Styles in a new Vanity Fair Story
Olivia Wilde Addressed Replacing Shia Labeouf To Harry Styles in a new Vanity Fair Story

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The 38-year-old actor-director in a new Vanity Fair profile addressed many speculations that are revolving around the upcoming physiological thriller film, including her decision to replace Shia Labeouf with Harry Styles as the lead.  She shared that the original cast Florence Pugh and Shia LaBeouf clashed as the former “was uncomfortable with LaBeouf’s behavior.” 

She went on to share, “My responsibility was towards her. I’m like a mother wolf. Making the call was tricky, but in a way he understood. I don’t think it would’ve been a process he enjoyed. He comes at his work with an intensity that can be combative.”

Stating about the actor’s firing from the film, she stated, “It wasn’t the ethos that I demand in my productions. I want him to get well and to evolve because I think it’s a great loss to the film industry when someone that talented is unable to work.” 

Recently, the actor disagreed with the filmmaker describing his separation from the film as a mutual decision and leaked personal conversation to support his stance. The latter then shared, “This issue is so much more nuanced than can be explained in private texts released out of context. All I’ll say is he was replaced, and there was no going forward with him. I wish him the best in his recovery.” 

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For the unversed, Labeouf was accused of sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse by his ex-girlfriend FKA Twigs with Wilde previously claiming that she fired him.

Olivia Wilde’s Praising Florence Pugh Amidst Her Alleged Feud Rumors

Florence Pugh
English actress Florence Pugh

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Olivia Wilde also denied the alleged claims that Pugh was getting distracted during the filming of the anticipated movie, Don’t Worry Darling, because of the on-set romance between Wilde and Styles. Her stance was supported by cinematographer Matthew Libatique, who told Vanity Fair, “It was one of the most harmonious sets I’ve ever been on, and I’m in the middle of the storm.”

She also addressed the alleged rumors when Pugh announced that she won’t be participating in the promotional activities of the film. The filmmaker stated, “I think they don’t often give us the benefit of the doubt. Florence did the job I hired her to do, and she did it exquisitely. She blew me away. Every day I was in awe of her, and we worked very well together.” She further added, It’s just baffling to me that the media would rather focus on baseless rumors and gossip, thereby overshadowing her profound talent.”

For the unversed, Pugh has kept her distance from the filmmaker in public who appeared at the recent Venice Film Festival. The film, Don’t Worry Darling starring Pugh and Styles will be released in the United States on September 23.

Source: VanityFair

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