“I’m not that deeply involved at the company”: After Ryan Seacrest’s Departure, Kelly Ripa Lashing Out at ‘Live’ Producer for Forcing Her to Do Things She Doesn’t Want To

Kelly Ripa is quite a daring lady who has often shared her blunt opinion on camera. Even her extremely personal secrets are now unveiled thanks to her memoir, Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories. While she is candid about many things, her professional personality is somewhat affected by the same. She is infamous for her feud with former co-hosts. Something similar recently happened when she was spotted lashing out at someone from her Live! show.

Kelly Ripa
American actress, Kelly Ripa

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She has often pointed out many things which happen in her show from time to time. Working as a host for over two decades, she shares a sweet-sour bond with Live! show producer, Michael Gelman. They recently went on par with each other once again after the host opened up about being forced to do things that she never wanted to.

Kelly Ripa Bickered With Live! Show Producer, Michael Gelman

Kelly Ripa with Live! show producer, Michael Gelman
Kelly Ripa with Live! show producer, Michael Gelman

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The 52-year-old actress, Kelly Ripa in Wednesday’s episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan was spotted quite flustered when she was discussing virtual contact with her co-host, Ryan Seacrest. She noted that people often end up sharing their personal details as well while being in a work environment accidentally.

She shared,

“What happens is, as everyone’s reading their group email, it pops up that Bob has a colonoscopy at 2.”

Her co-host was quite surprised and joked about a fictional character, Bob as he stated, “Bob of Disney sharing his calendar? The chairman of the company?”

She further added that she is not that involved in the company’s affairs to know their colonoscopies appointment however she does know Gelman’s. She added that the reason behind her being aware of his personal appointment is because “he tells us how much weight he lost after his ‘fast’.”

She taunted the producer by stating, “You know, as if we want to know these things.” Looking directly into the camera, she stated, “But we have to hear it, damn it, like it or not, and now you do too!”

This is not the first time that the host-producer moments are spotted in the show. They have continued to shade each other however in a light way. While they continue to bicker, Seacrest has announced his departure from the show.

Ryan Seacrest Leaving Live! With Kelly and Ryan

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest
Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest

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Seacrest announced his departure last month where he told viewers that he had been discussing it for quite a long time.

He shared,

“Last year we spoke, and I made the decision to make this my last season as cohost.”

He joined the Live! Show in 2017 replacing Michael Strahan who was initially co-hosting with the actress. The American Idol host initially signed up for three years but continued to stay here as he loved working there.

Even though he is leaving, he has assured the fans to be reappearing as a guest co-host on a fill-in basis. Meanwhile, he will be hosting the upcoming After Oscar Show at the 95th Academy Awards alongside Ripa this month.

Source: Live! With Kelly and Ryan

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