“I’m not very ready”: Jimmy Kimmel Reveals He’s Not Prepared for Violent Outburst at Oscars After Will Smith Attacked Chris Rock and Took Home Best Actor Award

Excitement and thrill are in the air, not just for filmmakers and actors, but even for the audiences, as the 95th Academy Awards ceremony approaches. All that nail-biting and adrenaline rush begins today, for the Oscars are to be held within a few hours. However, there are some, who aren’t quite as excited as they should be, instead, they claim to be unprepared. Jimmy Kimmel is to host the Oscar 2023 ceremony, but recalling last year’s slap gate incident, the host seems to be terrified. 

Oscar 2023
95th Academy Awards on 12th March 2023

People not only bring home awards but also memories from the Oscar ceremony. It’s been a year, yet people seem to recall the Oscar 2022 incident where Will Smith slapped Chris Rock. Well, hosting the ceremony wasn’t as thrilling as it should have been, for Rock. Similarly, this year, Jimmy Kimmel being the host seems to have quite the opinion about such incidents. 

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Jimmy Kimmel Recalls Oscar 2022 Slapgate Incident

The list is long when it comes to Oscar winners. Several amazing actors, movies, and directors won the Oscars in 2022. Movies like Dune and Encanto are the ones that come to our minds automatically when we talk about the 94th Academy Awards. But what initially comes to our mind when we discuss the previous year’s Oscar is, Will Smith. The 54-year-old actor did not only win the Best Actor Award for King Richard but also created the slap gate incident. 

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the 74 Academy Awards
The 2022 Oscars slap gate incident

Although the Oscar 2022 incident was initially considered a PR stunt, it was later confirmed to be totally spontaneous. Despite the incident happening a year back, the impact continues. Jimmy Kimmel, the talk show host, who is to present the 95th Academy Awards seems to recall the incident and feel terrified for himself. Will Smith’s aggression towards Chris Rock, still feels afresh for Kimmel. The Sunday’s gala presenter Jimmy Kimmel had some interesting opinions in context to the Oscar 2022 incident. 

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Jimmy Kimmel Is Terrified Of Presenting Oscar 2023

Although the host seemed delighted to present the Academy Awards, he was also quite terrified of facing a similar incident to Chris Rock. Thus, Jimmy Kimmel mentioned being prepared for any mishaps. Discussing the slap gate incident with USA Today, Kimmel shared jokingly about learning martial arts for defense. “Well, I have been studying the martial arts since they asked me to host the show, so I think that’s what they’re referring to,” Kimmel stated. 

Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel to host Oscar 2023

As per honest opinions, a violent situation during the Oscars is something that no one can be prepared for. “The truth of the matter is I am not ready for anything. I’m ready for some things, but anything that involves violence or me having to run, I’m very not ready.” Jimmy Kimmel stated. He further spoke about feeling vulnerable, just by thinking about any such mishaps. 

They had some kind of crisis management meeting where I guess they dream up scenarios that we might face, but no one has filled me on in on any of that,” Kimmel spoke honestly. Further considering the crisis management of the Oscars team, the host shared, “So if there is a crisis, I’ll be the only one left in the dark.” Despite starting on a joking note, Kimmel soon shifted to speak about the seriousness of the situation. It is no secret that Kimmel is still not ready to face a similar situation to Chris Rock. 

Jimmy Kimmel set to host the 2023 Oscars
Jimmy Kimmel is terrified of hosting the Oscars

Kimmel mentioned thinking and preparing how to handle such a situation, for he assumes a mishap might happen. A global audience base will be watching the event closely and waiting for something similar to happen. Thus, the organizers of the Academy Awards felt, Jimmy Kimmel was the perfect person for the role. 

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Source: USA Today

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