“I’m not worth $30M, not even close”: Amber Heard’s Ally Julia Fox is Whining Why Her Bank Accounts Aren’t Worth Millions After ‘Underwhelming’ NYC Apartment Tour

Amber Heard’s ally, Julia Fox who supported her throughout her defamation trial against Johnny Depp made headlines recently. The Italian-American actress received a lot of hate online after her recent TikTok Mascara controversy. According to sources, Fox allegedly misunderstood the meaning of the word ‘Mascara‘ on TikTok and received a lot of backlash. She apologized for the same later and received support from her fans on Twitter.

Julia Fox
Julia Fox

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Last week, Julia Fox uploaded a house tour of her New York place on TikTok. The actress received mixed reviews from her fans and some fans called her out for living in a ‘small house‘ despite having a net worth of $30 million. Therefore, she decided to blast the netizens for trying to troll her.

Julia Fox’s house tour on TikTok

Julia Fox uploaded a tour of her New York place on TikTok last week. In the video, she commented on her decision of making a house tour video and said, “I never thought in a million years I would do this, but I believe in maximum transparency, and so I’m gonna give you guys an apartment tour.” The actress then went on to her living room which was also her bedroom. She explained that she had converted her original bedroom into a playroom for her son. She further added, “For me personally I don’t like excessive displays of wealth, they make me feel icky.

Julia Fox
Julia Fox

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The Uncut Gems actress blasted the netizens who tried to troll her for her underwhelming house tour

After her house tour went viral, some netizens commented that her house actually looked small for someone who has a net worth of $30 million. Julia Fox then took to TikTok on Monday and responded to one fan who wrote “Isn’t she worth like 30 million dollars?“. She said, “First of all, I’m not worth $30 million, not even close.” She further added, “And second of all, I don’t give a f**k, I don’t need $30 million, what does one person need $30 million for?

Julia Fox
Julia Fox

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The actress went on to explain that although she can move into a bigger house whenever she wants, she has kept that home for sentimental value. She said, “This just happens to be the apartment where I took my son home from the hospital to, so it’s his home.” The actress went on to explain that she does not spend a lot of her money on aesthetics. She said, “I used to be like an aesthetic queen and want my space curated perfectly in a certain way. Then I realized there’s more to live, I don’t give a f**k, okay?

It was pretty certain that the actress was pretty much unbothered by the whole thing. She also asked her fans to not believe all the things that they read on the internet.

Source: TikTok

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