‘I’m speechless THIS IS JUST SO SICKENING’: Internet Stupefied After Bella Hadid Creates Fashion History, Spray Paints Dress On Half-N*ked Body In Paris Fashion Week

The Paris Fashion Week gave the world a lot to talk about with the closing of its SS23 Coperni show. Bella Hadid was quite the show-stopper as she walked on the stage half-naked, wearing nothing but underwear with an arm covering her bosom. Naturally, the audience was quite stupefied until a team began to spray paint white color on her body with an airbrush. And then the audience grew even more stupefied.

Before long, somehow miraculously, the paint turned into fabric and an artist shaped it into an off-shoulder knee-length slit dress. And that was how Coperni had its show-stopper strut the stage.

Bella Hadid Coperni spray on dress
Coperni and Bella Hadid made history with iconic runway moment

Bella Hadid impressed the world with iconic runway moment

It has unanimously been hailed as an iconic and unforgettable moment in the history of fashion, something people won’t forget for years to come. It was innovation through and through, utilizing cutting-edge technology to its utmost and creating a live piece of art right before the world. It has still not been revealed how the paint metamorphosed into synthetic fiber in a matter of minutes, and people truly are scratching their heads.

Bella Hadid also did justice to her role as show-stopper and finessed the entire process.

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Bella Hadid with the Coperni designers Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant
Bella Hadid with the Coperni designers Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant

Several fans across the internet shared their awe at both Coperni’s creativity and Bella Hadid.

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Not everyone was impressed

Bella Hadid Coperni white spray on dress
In the end, just a white dress?

However, the fact remains that a dress is just that, a dress. Everyone loves a good show but not everyone was impressed by this one. Not to forget the part that the dress is not what someone might call practical. Some fans found the sight sickening rather than magical.

Clearly, some people just feel that it is an unnecessary spectacle with no purpose other than attention, and attention it definitely got. The show has the world raving as it indeed was a never-seen-before avant-garde experience.

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