“I’m such a marriage proponent”: Good Morning America Host T.J. Holmes Haunted By His Surfaced 2014 Interview After His String of Affairs With Producer Natasha Singh and Co-Host Amy Robach Exposed His Hypocrisy, Left Ex-Wife Devastated

Despite being married to other people, Good Morning America 3: What You Need to Know co-hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach were photographed on what seemed to be a romantic trip together this week. Sources close to the show said the “chemistry” between them was undeniable. It has also been revealed that the host has had a relationship with GMA producer Natasha Singh which started in 2016.

T.J. Holmes
Good Morning America 3 Host T.J. Holmes

Amidst the headlines about T.J. Holmes’ alleged affairs this week, Entertainment Tonight uncovered some old quotes in which the 45-year-old journalist had gushed about the sanctity of marriage Before his alleged affairs were brought to the forefront of the public’s attention. T.J. Holmes’ wife, Marilee Fiebig, reportedly was devastated by her husband’s affairs.

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GMA3 Host T.J. Holmes Shocked By An Old Interview

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach
GMA3 Hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach

The alleged affairs of Good Morning America 3 host T.J. Holmes, 45, brought into the spotlight his claim that he was a “proponent” of marriage and is pretty hunted by his resurfaced interview. During an audition tape for the media outlet Entertainment Tonight, Holmes said the following in 2014,

“Marriage gets a bad rap so many times. I’m such a marriage proponent. I want everybody to get married. I think everybody should, and I think you’re better off in doing so.”

Holmes proclaimed himself a huge proponent of marriage but could not remain faithful in a relationship with his partner. There have been reports that he has been allegedly in a relationship with GMA3 co-host Amy Robach, which has caused him to be at the center of a massive scandal.

Page Six reported shortly after the bombshell news broke that Holmes previously cheated on his wife, Marilee Fiebig, with another employee. Fiebig and Holmes married in March 2010 and had their first child daughter, Sabine, in January 2013. Additionally, Holmes is the father of Brianna and Jaiden, who are children of his previous marriage to Amy Ferson.

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Having A String Of Affairs Can Lead To Trouble For T.J. Holmes

T.J. Holmes with his wife Marilee Fiebig
GMA3 host Holmes with his wife Marilee Fiebig

While he was married to Fiebig, TV personality, Holmes has allegedly been involved in a three-year relationship with Good Morning America producer Natasha Singh also between 2016 to 2019. Multiple sources told that the Holmes and Singh confided in Robach about their infidelity, with one insider saying, “Amy was the person they talked to about their affair and marriage.” The relationship between Holmes and Natasha ended in 2019 after Holmes’ wife discovered some emails indicating the affair.

As shown in the DailyMail’s damning photos, Robach and Holmes enjoyed a series of PDA-filled dates and weekend getaways. It was reported that the pair, who began anchoring GMA3 together in 2020, headed to upstate New York on November 11 for a weekend getaway at a cottage two weeks before Thanksgiving. A source told the outlet that the hosts are in the process of separating from their partners, despite being legally married.

According to Page Six, Fiebig was still caught off guard by his husband and Robach’s affair. A source said,

“She’s devastated. She had no idea. They haven’t been together in [a while], but they were trying to work it out.”

According to reports, in August, Robach separated from her husband, Andrew Shue, and Holmes and Fiebig separated for four months. Nevertheless, Holmes’ relationship with wife Marilee Fiebig may be over forever since he is now in the public eye.

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Source: Page Six

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