“Imagine the conversations behind closed doors”: Prince Harry’s Explosive Reveal Falls Flat as Hollywood A-Listers Set to Ban Him and Wife Meghan Markle After Humiliated By Jimmy Kimmel

When Prince Harry had come forward with his decision to release his tell-all memoir, Spare, he must have been dreaming that the reception the book would get would be out of the world. It would have done his popular rating wonders in his head. That has been far from the case.

The book has evoked mixed reactions, with a lot of people coming forward to mock or troll him for its contents. The book has been a PR disaster for him. He was snubbed by BAFTA because of it, and now he has been mocked on television by one of the most influential personalities out there.

Jimmy Kimmel and the story of The Prince and The P*nis

Prince Harry's memoir Spare and Jimmy Kimmel's parody book The Prince and the penis
The original and the parody

Well-known talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel, trolled Prince Harry in royal fashion when he made fun of him for applying a lip cream on his frostbitten p*nis. The Jimmy Kimmel Live host went on at length about the absurdity of the claims made by the Duke of Sussex, and ‘went to town’ with jokes on the frostbite revelation.

The 55-year-old produced a copy of a book titled, The Prince and The P*nis. In the book, a young Prince Harry can be seen calling on his mother, the late Princess Diana. The caricatures of the mother and the son can be seen dealing with the “wee lad’s” predicament.

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Jimmy Kimmel takes Prince Harry to the cleaners

Prince Harry and Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel has a delightful story to share

In his memoir, the estranged royal disclosed that he applied the Elizabeth Arden cream to his frostbitten p*nis after returning from a trip to the North Pole in 2011. Kimmel must have been really really fascinated by the case, as he released a book about a small Prince Harry, Princess Diana, and his yogurt slinger. The late-night host said, “The story of Prince Harold and his frozen yoghurt slinger is so popular they are now releasing a version for kids.” 

He read out excerpts from the book, which made the crowd burst with laughter. In the book, a caricature of the 38-year-old called onto his mother when he found his ‘willy’ cold and how his late mother did wonders for his ‘hard-on with the aid of Elizabeth Arden’. The readout of the book made the crowd go wild.

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The mockery might point to a larger problem for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Jimmy Kimmel’s mockery might be a grave sign for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

According to royal expert Kinsey Schofield, this mockery seems more than meets the eye. She said, “Jimmy Kimmel’s criticism of Harry must be especially hard for the Sussexes to swallow.” And the reason behind this is Kimmel’s standing in the industry. He is a part of the inner circle of the Hollywood elite.

Kimmel is known to hang out with the industry bigwigs, including Jennifer Aniston, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck. If he has mocked them this much in front of the world, one can imagine “the conversations that have happened behind closed doors with his peers.”

Things are not looking up for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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Source: Dailymail

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