Immortal X-Men Reveals Jesus Was A Mutant

A surprising revelation has taken place in the pages of Marvel Comics in Immortal X-Men #1 which suggests that even Jesus Christ might have been a mutant in the Marvel Universe.

Was Jesus Really An X-Men?

Jesus Christ in X-Men
An X-Men supervillain hints that Jesus Christ, may have been a mutant in the Marvel Universe in Immortal X-Men #1

Immortal X-Men #1, written by Kieron Gillen, with cover artist Mark Brooks and artist Lucas Werneck — suggests that Jesus was an X-Men mutant during a scene where hope Summers and former supervillain Exodus are talking to each other on the island of Krakoa.

While Exodus is quite insistent on calling Hope as “Messiah,” keeping in mind that Hope was the first mutant to take birth after M-Day and is still seen by many as the hero that’s destined to save both, humankind and mutant-kind. Hope is also hosting the enormous power of the Phoenix Force, which vastly strengthens her already existing superpower abilities.

Hope isn’t really very fond of the title of “Messiah”, asking Exodus not to mention her by that name. She even informs him that there’s “no need to get religious.” In response to this, Exodus reveals a Nazarene Mutant who “inspired a church among humans as they managed to raise a couple from the dead.” Here, the writers are trying to imply that Exodus is talking about Jesus Christ, who was Nazarene and was known to have raised a total of four undead people, including himself.

Exodus is seen as an Omega Level mutant


Exodus adds that he just witnessed Hope beat Jesus’ record, as she’s part of a group called the Five that resurrects dead mutants. Initially created by Charles Xavier after Krakoa was founded, the Five is also made up of Tempus, Proteus, Elixir, and Egg. The group is able to bring mutants back from the dead only because Hope uses her powers to amplify the other four’s abilities.

Exodus is seen as an Omega Level mutant and has had a wide history that’s rooted deep in religion. “He’s Catholic,” Gillen previously said of the X-Men character. “I was raised Catholic, so my Catholicism is all over the place. I like how he has his own warped mutant take on Catholicism. I’m not sure how far deep I’ll go into the concept of antipopes and stuff, but I might! Exodus is about the weirdness of being a believer.”

Part of the “Destiny of X” future

Destiny of X
Destiny of X

Immortal X-Men will be focusing on Quiet Council by Krakoa, which Exodus thrones, and the politics and the whole drama, while the leaders of the island struggle have a tough time in deciding what the mutant nation’s future actually looks like.

The series is a much-more part of the “Destiny of X” future of the era, which will be relaunching the C in a similar way to House of X/Powers of X.

Immortal X-Men #1 — which boasts variant cover art by Werneck, Todd Nauck, Phil Noto, Tom Muller, Peach Momoko, Leinil Francis Yu, Oscar Vega —  is finally on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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