In A New TikTok Video, Scream Star Drew Barrymore Receives A Call From Ghostface

Drew Barrymore, the original Scream star, receives a call from Ghostface in a new Tik-Tok video:

Drew Barrymore, receives a call from Ghostface in a new Tik-Tok video
Drew Barrymore, receives a call from Ghostface in a new Tik-Tok video

Drew Barrymore, the original Scream star, receives a call from Ghostface in a new Tik-Tok video. In filmmaker Wes Craven’s and screenwriter Kevin Williamson’s first Scream flick, Barrymore is literally the first person spectators see. The film, which was released in 1996, launched a franchise for the series, which has since had three sequels with a fifth feature on the way. Barrymore portrayed Casey, the first victim of Ghostface, a heinous serial murderer who terrorizes and murders his victims while wearing a hooded robe and a frightening “ghostface” mask.

The concept of The Movie Scream:

A Still Of Drew Barrymore from the movie Scream
A Still Of Drew Barrymore from the movie Scream

The premise of Scream is to follow the conventions of horror films, with the murderer taunting, teasing, tricking, and manipulating his victims over the phone until ultimately exposing themselves and beginning to kill them. Casey set the tone for this in the 1996 film’s opening sequence, which established Ghostface’s “phone voice” as well as the clichĂ© of contacting victims before killing them. Since then, the subject has ran through all of the films, sometimes brilliantly changed up in different ways, but always with the same consequences.

What Happened On With Drew On The Drew Barrymore Show:

The Drew Barrymore Show
The Drew Barrymore Show on WTOC

In an effort to promote the new film, Drew Barrymore’s daytime talk program, The Drew Barrymore Show, received a Tik-Tok of Ghostface, replicating that crucial sequence from the original 1996 film. Barrymore responds to the call in the same way she did in the film, but she and “Ghostface” gradually settle into a more lighthearted exchange, which leads to Ghostface wondering if actor David Arquette, who portrays Dewey in the Scream trilogy, has his own Tik-Tok account. When Barrymore admits she believes he does, Ghostface moves over to Arquette for more amusing exchanges. Click the link below to see the entire “call” of Barrymore:


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Barrymore Last Movie Was 2015’s Miss You Already:

Toni Collette & Drew Barrymore's Miss You Already
Toni Collette & Drew Barrymore’s Miss You Already

Barrymore hasn’t been in a feature film since 2015’s Miss You Already for director Catherine Hardwicke, and she’s since gone on to TV, starring with Timothy Olyphant in Netflix’s The Santa Clarita Diet and now presenting her own daytime talk show, which has been airing since 2020. Because her Scream character was the first to die in the franchise, her return would be unthinkable, but the “survivors” have carried the franchise and will welcome the fifth instalment, simply titled Scream, on January 14th, 2022. Original cast members Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette will return for the sequel. Barrymore has been in the trenches of Hollywood for a long time, and it’s adorable to watch her having some fun and revisiting one of her most memorable moments. While her stint with the Scream series was brief, her effect was long-lasting, and her image has become synonymous with the brand (her face can be seen in the background of the original poster). In some ways, it’s just great to see “Casey” back, once again diverting a terrifying call from Ghostface, this time in a whole new medium and with a more better result.

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