“In this very sad and complicated time I really have no comment”: Jenny McCarthy Publicly Supported Charlie Sheen Despite Ugly Rumors With His Female Co-stars

Playing the hyper-sexual next-door bachelor Charlie Harper on Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen was among the highest-paid actors in television up until March 7, 2011. But things quickly turned sour for the Navy Seals actor when he engaged in a bitter public dispute with producer Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros. Television.

Carlos Irwin Estévez, professionally known as Charlie Sheen, eventually left Two and a Half Men as a result, which was undoubtedly unpopular among his fans. The actor’s co-stars hardly ever disparaged Sheen despite his dismissal. According to Reuters, production on Two and a Half Men, then CBS’ top-rated comedy, was halted earlier in Season 8 so that Sheen could go to rehab after a year of incidents involving drugs and alcohol.

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen

But Sheen’s situation and his departure from Two and a Half Men made things a little trickier for him and his career. 

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Given that they collaborated on the TV show, Jenny McCarthy was yet another person to object to this. Although they had great chemistry on Two and a Half Men, both on and off the camera, McCarthy had some concerns while filming the show.

Charlie Sheen had a positive relationship with Jenny McCarthy on set! 

Actress Jennifer McCarthy Wahlberg, who until 2011 played Charlie Sheen’s love interest on Two and a Half Men, later asserted in November 2015 that he had intentionally hidden his HIV diagnosis from her.

The Wall Street actor left Two and a Half Men in a downward spiral, but his other co-stars claim that there was no wrong play at all coming from him behind the camera. Holland Taylor was one of the co-stars to defend Sheen, stating that his relationship with McCarthy was loving and supportive even though it appeared otherwise on camera.

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen

Taylor said that Charlie was always witty and friendly with his cast mates and the crew, occasionally even being courtly.

“We watched movies at his house occasionally — warm evenings with interesting, spirited conversation. This is the guy I know. In this very sad and complicated time I really have no comment beyond valuing my own history with Charlie, and my abiding affection for him.”

Taylor is not the only person on his list of allies. He had a second love interest on the show, Jennifer Taylor, who would agree with Holland’s remarks and say that their relationship was happy behind the camera. She told Fox News Digital, 

“He [Charlie Sheen] was a normal, fun, nice guy. When I was on it, the day-to-day experience was wonderful.” 

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However, in spite of their on-screen sizzling chemistry, Jenny McCarthy would choose a different path and have an unpopular viewpoint following his later HIV revelation.

What was Jenny McCarthy’s concern about working with Charlie Sheen?

Years ago, Charlie Sheen made the biggest announcement by admitting that he had HIV. Unlike his peers who supported him, Jenny McCarthy held different views. The American actress was worried about their on-screen relationship because there would be kissing scenes on Two and a Half Men. The Scream 3 actress said,

“Playing even his love interest on the show, back in the day, I go, ‘Ick! That’s not fair. It’s scary.’ I have sympathy for him because, you know, he’s sick and it’s awful, but man, he’s going to have to take some major accountability with many people in his life.” 

Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy

McCarthy went on to say that actors sign contracts before performing certain scenes, in which they disclose any physical or mental issues they are struggling with. Given that HIV cannot be contracted through kissing, her remarks weren’t well received by the public or the media. 

Charlie Sheen also spoke out about the situation and, like many others, found McCarthy’s remarks offensive.

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McCarthy most likely felt some remorse for the remarks she made about her former co-star.

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