Incredible Facts About Morlun: Rumored Villain of MCU’s Spider-Man 3

The Mysterious Multi-Verse hopping being was the reason for jumpstarting the acclaimed Spider-Verse arc in Marvel Comics. Now Morlun is rumored to be coming for Spider-Man’s head in MCU’s Spider-Man 3.

Stronger Than Thor and the Hulk

Spider-Man has had a huge history in the Marvel Comic Book universe. He has fought super villains as well as fellow superheroes. There were times when Spider-Man has fought mighty beings like the Juggernaut, the Hulk, and even Thor. But Peter Parker has gone on record to state that none of the hits he had taken over the years could even hold a candle to Morlun’s punches. Parker states Morlun’s punches are stronger than the Hulk’s and Thor‘s strikes. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is saying something.

Hunts Down Spider-Totems

Spider-Totems, in simpler terms, are Spider-Men from all across the Multi-Verse. Morlun belongs to a clan known as the Inheritors. The Inheritors have one job – to hunt down Spider-Totems in parallel universes, devour them of heir life force, and become stronger. Morlun is the cream of the crop of the lot. He came to the mainstream Marvel Comic Book Universe Earth in search of Peter Parker because of the latter’s Spider-Totem status. Fun fact – the Inheritors eat the Spider-Totems. So Morlun wants to eat Peter Parker.

Tried To Eat Black Panther

Like every other supervillain, Morlun also met his doom at the hands of his arch-nemesis – Spider-Man. But like any other supervillain, he was again brought back from the dead because…well, comic books. A group of cultists in Wakanda resurrected Morlun with another different mission. He was tasked with hunting and eating the Black Panther. Spider-Totems are not the only ones around. There’s something called Black Panther Totems too. Morlun complies and tries to attack T’Challa, who was in a coma at that moment.

His Blood Contains The DNA Of Literally Every Living Creature

The reason Morlun considers himself Spider-Man‘s natural predator is because biologically, he actually is. Morlun’s blood is supernaturally altered. It contains the essence of literally every known sentient and non-sentient living creatures. Every creature from birds, insects, fish to amphibians have a partial DNA match in Morlun’s blood. That is how Morlun is virtually unstoppable. He has the traits of literally every living thing in the planet.

Can Drain Other People’s Life Force Via Touch

His greatest ability is the power to drain other people’s life forces. All he needs t touch an opponent and he could start draining them of their lifespan. This ability makes Morlun stronger and more durable the more life force he absorbs. The only downside to this power is that Morlun needs to be constantly feeding. This is not a matter of greed. It is a matter of sheer survival. His body starts giving up if he does not feed on other people. Although a scary ability, it has a pretty basic and generic flaw that could be explored to defeat him.

Marvel’s Greatest Tracker

Wolverine has his sense of smell. Professor X has his amazing telepathy. But Morlun’s tracking skills transcends both of their powers. His tracking skill is supernatural in nature, based on Morlun’s ability to imprint on someone. Once Morlun has touched someone, or something, he could sense where he or she is no matter where the target might be. He can even sense them across universes. That’s how scarily creepy his ability is.

There Are Eight Of Them

Morlun is part of a clan. Each member of the clan has the same powers as him. Each member also has a similar role – fan out and kill as many Spider-Totems as possible. The Inheritors Clan is made up of the family patriarch Solus along with his children Morlun, Brix, Karn, Jennix, Bora, Verna, and Daemos. Some of his siblings are benevolent in nature but most of them are downright evil. They would make for a good super villain team in MCU’s Spider-Man 3, if given a chance by Marvel Studios.



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