Incredibly Dark MCU Moments That Sent Chills Down Our Spines

While the MCU is well-known for its family friendly entertainment, it does have the ability to go the grim, dark route. These MCU scenes are testament to that statement.

Thanos Strangling Loki As We See Him Dying

Loki’s Death – Infinity War

In the beginning of Infinity War, it looks like Loki is back to being Loki again. He makes it look like he has now sided with the winning side – Thanos. We see later that it was all a ruse to get close to Thanos so that Loki could kill him. Thanos catches Loki in the act right in front of him. And then he makes Thor and the rest of the audience watch as he literally squeezes the life out of the God of Mischief. Loki dies while the viewers are wailing at the top of their lungs. That was a pretty grim sight to watch.

The Winter Soldier Killing Tony Starks’ Parents In Cold Blood

Winter Soldier

Civil War was a very dark turning point for the MCU. When Tony Stark realizes that Bucky Barnes aka the erstwhile Winter Soldier was the one who killed Howard and Maria Stark. But it was when Zemo showed Tony Stark the actual footage of the assassination that got to us. The Winter Soldier crashes the Starks’ car and casually walks up to them to kill them. It may look morbid to us but for Bucky, that’s Tuesday nights.

Baron Mordo Sucks Out Jonathan Pangborn’s Magic, Rendering Him Physically Disabled Again

Jonathan Pangborn

Baron Mordo, by the end of Doctor Strange, has a different outlook on magic. He sees it as a way where mankind tries to subvert natural order, a perversion. So his new mission is to take down all magic from the universe, starting from the ones who do not deserve it. Jonathan Pangborn was one of the first character we see in doctor Strange. He uses magic to walk since his physical body is disabled. Mordo sucks the magic out of his hips and we see Pangborn fall to the floor, writhing in pain as his disability catches up to him.

A Disassembled Vision


Although just a show, WandaVision is still one of the hardest hitting Marvel shows out there. Vision, who died in Infinity war at the hands of Wanda – the love of his life, is seen in SWORD headquarters. The former Avenger who helped save the world is now just a dismembered body to humanity. They see him not as an individual but as a weapon. When we see Vision’s parts lying all over the table, we gasp in horror just like Wanda. Vision deserved better.

Nebula Being Tortured By Thanos In Infinity War


Gamora had already managed to deduce the location of the Soul Stone but kept the secret from her father Thanos. Thanos knew he couldn’t get it from her easily. So he hit her where it hurts. Nebula, who had earlier made an attempt at Thanos’ life, was now in suspended animation. Thanos had her body stripped and ripped. And he was more than happy to inflict insurmountable pain on Gamora’s sister if she didn’t give her the location to the Soul Stone. The harrowing sight made us all throw up.

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