Infinity War Reveal: Here’s Why Thanos Already Know Who Tony Stark Is!

Infinity War and The Winter Soldier fall in the category of one of the most thrilling movies of all time. Where Winter Soldier did fairly well in the box office, Infinity War went on to become the biggest movie in terms of scale and scope with most number of actors appearing on the screen at once. Oh, not forgetting the fact that it’s on the verge of completing $2 billion worldwide very soon.

Infinity War saw a change in the traditional pattern of movie-making with more dependence on characters than the story. This movie is probably the best MCU could’ve done to make a strong statement using characters. The build up created by Marvel surrounding the development of Infinity War and splitting them into two different movies was to create hype among the fans for future releases and it seems to have worked pretty well until now.

This article will tell you about a subtly hidden event in the film which is a theory so absurd that the only reason you’d believe it is if it were an absolute truth which might be the case in this.

There was a hype about this film long back because of the involvement of so many heroes to stop the Mad Titan in his quest. Thanos could indeed be termed as the most deadly enemy of Thanos as he’s the only one to defeat them and accomplish his goal to wipe out half the universe’s population. There’s a scene in the movie where Thanos says that he knows who Tony Stark is. Even Director Russo revealed in an interview before the movie’s release that Stark will have a special connection with Thanos.

We all saw the brutal combat between Iron Man and Thanos in Infinity War and everyone gasped when Thanos stabbed him in the heart although Doctor Strange saved him. Talking about how Thanos knew Stark beforehand, we have two theories for it, which might be right or wrong.

One could be that Thanos might have known all the Avengers as he sent the Chitauri to Earth and that’s when we see him appear in the post credit scene. Maybe word traveled to him and he knew about all the Avengers. The reason why he couldn’t recognise Captain America might be that he had a beard and a changed look and of course, it was shocking for Thanos to see an Earthling being strong enough to hold the Infinity Gauntlet.

Another and more probable theory could be that Stark was the one who flew into the portal with the nuclear missile and destroyed the Chitauri and their ship. Maybe that’s why he knows Stark so well along with Thor. Stark is one of the most popular human on the planet and that is possible because of the knowledge he has. Thanos is also said to be cursed with knowledge and this also helps him in getting an insight upon who can stand in his way in the future.

One can argue that the entire MCU just a series arc for the Iron Man and that Disney executives decided to build on a shared universe on for a decade. If one thinks about it, MCU has always been centred around Iron Man including the plot and action sequences. Tony has lived many lives; a general, scientist, a Playboy, a mentor and a superhero.

In Age of Ultron, when Scarlett Witch brings out Stark’s deepest fears, we see that it was to face a force so strong that no matter how hard they try to stop, it won’t and that’s exactly what came to life in Infinity War. This could possibly point out that Age Of Ultron could be about the Avengers’ fate which was ignored by the viewers.

All this been said, we all can’t wait for Avengers 4 which will release on May 3, next year.

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