How Will Avengers Finish The Job?

Fans are restless to get whatever they can get of the Endgame. The initial teaser contains two minutes of spoiler-free footage. And it drove fans to start theorizing a wide range of fan speculations. These are on what’ll finish up happening in April. One theory says that Thanos let it slip in the opening line of Infinity War on how the Avengers could beat him.

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Infinity War

What The Theory Says:

As per the theory posted by Reddit client chihdo, it comes down to whether the heroes lived with or keep running from their fate.

As the theory says, a meaning of destiny would signify “settled towards any course, to stay settled, to acknowledge stagnation.”

So, the theory says that the individuals who didn’t keep running from their fate in Infinity War will finish up being the ones to end Thanos.

This is to satisfy desires and don’t end finish up escaping. As the theory clarifies, the individuals who endure Thanos’ Snap — The Decimation — either satisfied their separate fates or are doing as such.

Those cleaned away either feared or kept running from their fate while those murdered — like Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Gamora (Zoe Saldana) — level out-conned their destiny.


As a matter of fact, the theorist apparently came up character fates that wound up helping their theory rather emphatically. For example, the theory says that Star-Lord’s fate needs to end a Celestial.

And he wrecked that by slaughtering his dad when it hasn’t been explicitly expressed that has been Quill’s purpose.

Also, it’s horrendously difficult to demonstrate what a character’s destiny would be except if it’s explicitly expressed someplace in the films.

If you somehow go by this theory, Thanos would have a troublesome time disposing of those as still pushing ahead towards their fate.

Regardless, it neglects to consider the presentation of Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), who’s theorized to have a huge job in vanquishing the Mad Titan.

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