Infinity War: Tom Hiddleston Finally Addresses Loki’s Death

Tom Hiddleston managed to play it safe when asked if Loki really got killed at the hands of The Mad Titan, Thanos in Infinity War.

“Listen… I’ve heard some amazing theories about this. I was in a park in London a couple of weeks ago, and some guys came and said hi, and they asked me the same question,” Hiddleston said in response to a fan inquiry at ACE Comic Con Sunday.

“They said, ‘Hey, listen, we need an answer to this question. All the other times Loki’s died’ — there’s been a few — ‘he stabs with his right hand. And now he’s stabbing with his left hand.’ I was like, ‘That’s incredible attention to detail.’”

He was then asked by co-star Elizabeth Olsen if he knew about this little detail, and the actor accepted he wasn’t. He said, “Your guess is as good as mine.”

Loki struck with his left hand to hide the blade from Thanos’ men who stood on his right. His attempt to get Thanos failed and he got strangled by Thanos in front of his brother, Thor.

Fan theories around Loki’s death have circulated ever since pointing out that Loki entered the scene from off-screen as a sign that Loki used magic to craft a decoy and escape, despite the Asgardian ship got destroyed by Thanos moments later.

“When I came to shoot the scene in Infinity War, I think it’s very powerful he calls himself an Odinson, and that closes the whole journey of Loki and what he can do,” Hiddleston said during a previous convention appearance over the summer.

“[Loki’s death] set the stakes up emotionally. It takes the stakes up dramatically. You know that Thanos is someone who’s more dangerous than anyone we’ve seen before.”

Leaked set photos from the sets of Avengers 4 also reveal Hiddleston on the set, suggesting the use of time travel in the film.

The actor is expected to reprise Loki again in a series reportedly under development for Disney’s upcoming streaming service.

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