Cosplaying is a big part of comic culture and some fans know how to do  it properly. Nowadays it is hard to make your cosplay character pop in the sea of different cosplays. The characters are limited and the numbers of fans doing cosplay is increasing day by day. So it is important to make your cosplay different and eye-catching for the viewers. And making it sexy is one way of doing it. It is perfect as it catches people’s attention and is makes it different from the rest. And lets all be real, we love these awesome cosplays and can’t get enough of them.

There are a lot of popular genres when it comes to cosplaying, and one of the most popular is Marvel Characters. Fans love to portray their favorite character with a twist and people love it. There are a lot of Cosplayers who turn our favorite Marvel Superheroes into their sexy versions and we are not complaining. These artists are super talented and knows how to do what they are doing properly.

You can always watch these super talented artists on their YouTube channel or you can catch them on their streams. They can easily teach you how to make your own cosplay costumes according to the character and how can you use makeup and different types of fabrics to imitate your favorite characters. When you watch other people do it, you don’t realize how difficult it is to create a costume and fully indulge yourself in the character. These type of things make us respect these artists and their hard work even more.

Here we have a list of some sexy cosplays of Marvel Characters that are too hot to miss!

1. Elektra!!

2. Scarlet Witch!!

3. Spider-Woman!!

4. Invisible-Woman!!

5.  Domino!!

6. Lady Deathstrike!!

7. Lady Thor!!

8. Spider-Gwen!!

9. Dark Phoenix!!

10. Black Widow!!

Cosplays are always going to be an important part of the nerd culture it doesn’t mean all nerds have to be same. Some comic book nerds like to show-off their sexy sides and this is what makes it more awesome. Tell us in the comments what you think about these hot cosplays and which one is your favorite.


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