Macaulay Culkin’s most significant role came in 1990’s Home Alone as Kevin McAllister. It was a role which the actor again reprised in a 1992 sequel. Both films were huge hits, and many are fans still appearing in its annual viewings during the holiday season. Unfortunately, the massive fame Culkin earned as a kid resulted in him exiting the industry behind for many years, keeping himself away from the films.

Recently, the actor has returned on taking more projects and has also opened up more about discussing the Home Alone and the huge impact it had on him as an actor back in the day. Culkin has surprisingly reprised his role as Kevin McAllister for a new Google advertisement, where he uses a home assistant to complete all the things he had to work harder to achieve in Home Alone film.

Home Alone fans are loving the actor’s return, sharing their excitement not only at his return to the series but also how clever the commercial is.

Here’s what fans are saying about the new commercial.

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