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Bat-Cat Wedding On 4th July! – You Are Invited


Yes peeps, this is happenin’.

Your very own idol and night vigilanté is getting married to the queen of theft, Catwoman.

Not only does she have an eye for jewels and rubies, she also has good taste in men and what better man to marry then the Bat himself. Billionaire by day, Protector by night.

Yeah yeah, we know. It’s hard to believe we get it.

It’s not every day a superhero gets married and it’s certainly once in a century when Batman gets married.

Did you get your invitation yet?


Too sad because we’ve been invited and you are welcome to join us, we’ll sneak you past security if you don’t have your invitation.

‘You are cordially invited to attend the wedding of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle on the 4th of July at the Wayne Manor.

Please grace us with your honoured presence so we can share our special day with you’

“The invitation is invalid, if you’re a criminal, a super Villian, an evil master mind. If you have even the slightest bit of crimal record, the invitation is invalid. No capes are allowed, we absolutely have no connection to Capes. Only super Villians related to Catwoman are allowed. 

Do Not bring any bombs, squirting flowers, chemicals, acids, sharp knives, anything that may get you on Alfred’s bad side. That is all”

So if you have any plans for July 4th… CANCEL THEM, YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS BAT-CAT WEDDING!

Address: Batman#50 by Tom King, 2018 street, Block Wednesday 01, House number# Micheal Janin. Door number# Jolle Jones.

 Bonus Insider News:

Selina Kyle has chosen the great Jolle Jones as her wedding planner and designer

Catwomen Dressed As BrideCatwomen's Wedding Suites

Bruce Wayne has Chosen Michael Jannin

Batman As Groom









Tom King will organize the event