Iron Armory: 10 Facts That Prove Thorbuster Is Tony Stark’s Deadliest Weapon, Not Hulkbuster

Iron Man Armor Model 23 aka the Thorbuster is probably Iron man’s greatest armor suit ever made. We may even go so far as to say it is stronger than the Hulkbuster.

Powered By A Crystal With Limitless Energy Gifted By Thor

Thor gave Tony Stark a mysterious crystal crafted out of Asgardian technology and magic. The crystal housed within it potentially infinite amounts of energy. And Thor gave it to Stark so that the latter could study it, eventually finding a way to harness sits power for the betterment of humanity. Thor forgot that Stark used to be a former weapons contractor. The last thing he wants to create is the proverbial fountain of youth for mankind.

Was Designed To Imitate The Destroyer Armor

The Thorbuster armor looks eerily similar to the design of another powerful armor suit in the Marvel comic book Universe. The Destroyer armor is an Asgardian weapon that gas fought Thor on numerous occasions. Tony Stark made the design of Thorbuster imitate the destroyer armor intentionally.

Used Experimental Type X Repulsors

The Type X repulsors were a prototype technology based on Stark’s earlier developed Iron Man repulsor tech. They had more thrust, could go on for a longer period of time, and had enhanced energy efficiency. They were far from being perfect but since Tony Stark was forced to make the armor on such short notice, he managed to get the job done.

Can Use The Odin Force

Because of the nature of the energy source used in the armor, the Thorbuster could even wield the Odin Force, an energy that was once exclusive only to the King of Asgard.

Could Stop Mjolnir Mid Flight

Because it tapped into the power of the Odin-Force, the Thorbuster could also stop a fully charged Mjolnir mid flight. Thor’s primary weapon was powerless against the Thorbuster.

Almost Defeated Thor Before The God Of Thunder Turned The Tables

Despite the reason of its origin, the Thorbuster was severely lacking in one area. It’s single greatest weakness was the very person it was supposed to ‘bust’. It did put up a fight. No doubt about that. But in the end, Thor just got so pissed he tore through the Thorbuster armor’s chest and grabbed the Asgardian crystal that was powering it. It was game over in two seconds once Thor got serious.

Could Mold And Manipulate Different Forms Of Energy

The armor was made by integrating the greatest of human technology with Asgardian tech. The result was an armor that not only had Godlike strength and durability, it even allowed the wielder to manipulate all forms of Asgardian energies. We have already talked about how the Thorbuster can manipulate the Odin Force. but it’s feats do not end there. It could absorb and discharge all kinds of energies, ambient or otherwise. The uni-beam reactor on the chest plate can be turned into a giant cosmic cannon.

Widely Considered By Many Experts To Be Tony Stark’s Deadliest Weapon

The Thorbuster did have a weakness. Ironically, for a weapon that was called the Thorbuster, it’s biggest weakness was Thor himself. It was Thor that brought down the armor by ripping the crystal out of its mainframe. But does it mean the armor is weak? On the contrary, the fact that the armor could stand up to Thor has made many experts believe this is Tony Stark’s most dangerous armored suit till date.

Was A Government Sanctioned Weapon Against Asgard

After many Asgardian worshippers were killed in Slokovia, Asgard intervened. The governments of the world tried talking Thor out of interfering in Midgard’s matters. When Thor, as defiant and arrogant as he is, did not pay any heed, humanity turned to Tony Stark for help. Luckily Stark had a way of dealing with this diplomatic crisis. They say only fire beats fire. So to beat Thor, he needed something born from a similar source.

Was What Led To Thor & Iron Man’s Falling Out

Thor gave the magic crystal to Tony Stark thinking he would use it to save the world. The idea of a source of limitless energy could have ended world hunger, poverty, and the global energy crisis. Because Iron Man used this marvelous Asgardian artefact and turned it into a weapon, Thor ended up hating Stark. For a long time, the God of Thunder and Tony Stark did not lock eyes. Asgard has refused to share its gifts with humanity ever since.

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