The cancellation of Iron Fist by Netflix has caused fans to rally against the decision.

A petition has been launched by Melissa Hodge on to “Bring back Iron Fist.” It has already received 3,400 digital signatures.

Here’s the statement provided by Hodge on

“Netflix has made a terrible decision in canceling Iron Fist after 2 seasons. There are many fans of the character and the series and most people said that the second season was excellent. I think it’s unfair that Luke Cage, Jessica Jones andDaredevil get a third season and their shows get mixed reviews too yet Iron Fist gets the shaft. There is so much more potential and stories to be told and it’s not great fan service to end the last season on a cliffhanger and not go along with it especially when the second season was more well received with critics and fans. So Netflix and Marvel please revise your decision and greenlight a third season for Iron Fist.”

Earlier, Marvel confirmed that Danny Rand will continue appearing in other Marvel Television shows despite the cancellation of his own series.

Here’s what actor Finn Jones wrote on social media:

“I have an enormous amount of love and respect for everyone involved with the last two seasons of this show,” Jones wrote. “Defending the greatest city in the world amongst the most talented and warmest people has been a privilege and a joy. Blessed to have taken this journey and grateful for the ongoing support.”

Jones reprised Danny Rand in both the seasons of Iron Fist, along with an appearance in The Defenders and Luke Cage. While discussing the possibility of a third season for Iron Fist, Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb stated that the decision was never in their hands.

“Speak to our friends at Netflix,” Loeb said. “Unlike the movie studio, which can announce a Captain Marvel movie will be out in 2019, the television studio will always be beholden to our networks, and so if our networks want another season of Iron Fist, we’re ready to go. We’re just waiting for the answer. The show’s been out of a week.”

Fans are already wondering about Iron Fist’s next performance, with many speculating a team up with Luke Cage since the Marvel character is returning for its third season.

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