Iron Fist vs Shang-Chi: Who’s The Ultimate Martial Artist?

Shang-Chi and Iron Fist are hands down the most skilled fights of Marvel. Both of them have given their years to improve their fighting skills which have helped them become the great warriors they are today. Shang-Chi and Danny Rand have showcased their skills on many occasions that prove how ready they are to face any threat. But if they had to fight against each other, would win?

Shang-Chi’s Powers:

Shang-Chi vs Iron Fist - Who Wins?
Shang-Chi took down Avengers

It was kinda sad that we had to wait this long to see an Asain superhero in Marvel Universe. Shang-Chi has some influential family connections. His father is Fu Manchu who is a criminal mastermind. As a result, he was trained since his birth in the field of Martial Arts. Considering he was always trained under his father and the number of experts his father had, Shang-Chi certainly turned his body into his strength.

Shang-Chi vs Iron Fist The Ultimate Showdown

Shang-Chi is also known as the Master of Kung-Fu and anyone who knows how dangerous it is to go against him. He has knowledge of all kinds of combat be it armed or unarmed. He has no “powers” such as the other Marvel characters possess but he has trained himself so hard that his body is a threat in itself. He has actually developed his own styles of combat. Shang-Chi is also well acquainted with psychotherapy and mediation. Meditation helps him to switch off his pain receptors and stop the toxins from spreading in his blood.

Iron Fist Powers:

Iron Fist vs Shang-Chi
Iron Fist

Danny is not only trained by a martial arts master but he also can access the Chi of the Undying Dragon of K’un-Lun. He is granted many powers and abilities thanks to this energy. This helps him focus his power in his hands which helps throw out some blows. He can also increase his stamina, speed, and even senses with the help of the Chi. He was often seen using his powers to heal himself as well as the others.

Iron Fist vs Shang-Chi Martial Artists
Danny Reed as Iron Fist

In fact, he also has the ability to energy absorption and manipulation thanks to his Chi. His Mind technique allows him to absorb everyone’s memories and knowledge from another person.

Shang-Chi Vs Iron Fist: Who would top it?

Iron Fist vs Shang-Chi Winner
Iron Fist and Shang-Chi

It would definitely be an intense battle and if either of them makes the slightest error, it would be game over for them then and there. Both of them are fast and quick to pick any mistake from the opposite person.

Iron Fist does have the power that grants him some superhuman abilities, but Shang-Chi too has done a lot of training to develop his abilities. Danny however relies a lot on Iron Fist and without that, he would just be a regular person. Shang-Chi on the other hand already has no superhuman powers and is the regular guy with some great skills.

Both Iron Fist and Shang Chi have gotten some major power boost but Shang-Chi has also grown with experience and intelligence. And no matter what, technique always has an upper hand. So Shang-Chi would be a clear winner.

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