Iron Man Fans Going Crazy Over Transforming Helmet From Iron Man 2

Iron Man Fans Going Crazy Over Transforming Helmet From Iron Man 2

An Iron Man 2 helmet has gone viral on social media, with fans of the movie clamoring to purchase it.

The fantastic piece of memorabilia from the second Iron Man movie was shown on twitter. A video shot of the helmet is trending on twitter. A user named @downeysduckling tweeted the video.   

What is so unique in the Iron Man helmet?

Gwyneth Paltrow in a still from Iron Man 2

The posted video featured the famous Iron Man helmet, which is fully motorized.

Moreover, the Mark 5 armor eyes light up as well on the helmet, a bonus which the fans on twitter utterly love. The helmet is accompanied by remote control.

On the push of a button on the remote, the side panels of the Iron Man helmet appear. Truly, the helmet is an excellent movie replica of the Marvel movie.

Marvel’s VFX firm explains their process

Weta Digital, the firm which has handled the VFX for Marvel movies in the past, explained their process.

The company’s official Matt Aitken spoke about how Iron Man’s suits have been designed right from the first Avengers movie.

But, over time, there has been a diversification in the Iron Man suits. In Avengers: Infinity War, Iron Man’s suit makes use of the nanotech aspect.

Also, it’s sequel Avengers: Endgame features the use of the same. It allowed Iron Man to capture Thor’s lightning energy in the film. Iron Man stole the stones off Thanos’s gauntlet using the same.  


Source: ComicBook, Asapland

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