Iron Man 3 Actress Reveals There Was a More Heroic Plan for Her Character !!

Rebecca Hall remembers what her Iron Man 3 character was formerly like, validating she was going to be a more rounded player in the film.

Various Evolutions of the Story

Rebecca Hall shares what the original arc was for Maya Hansen in Iron Man 3

Written by Drew Pearce and Shane Black, including Black going on to direct, the movie went through plenty of changes during its growth, with its final $1.2 billion total verifying that the various developments of the story paid off. Of the approximately two dozen movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one of the more challenging records to produce was Iron Man 3. With star Rebecca Hall exposing that the original ideas for her character included her being a significant villain in the film and earning a heroic reclamation, her role altered while filming. 

The Actress had Problems Memorizing the Specifics

The actress had troubles remembering the specifics, but she shared that her character was going to have a heroic turn in the end.

Maya was essential to her purpose but was killed midway in the film. Now, Hall is exhibiting that her role was supposed to be a vital member of all processes at the end of the flick. As it’s been quite a while for the movie to succeed, the actress had problems in identifying the specifics, but she dealt with the fact that her role was going to have a fearless change in the end. Talking with Collider as part of the promotional tours for her latest movie, The Night House, Hall remembered how Maya’s role in Iron Man 3 was formerly going to pan out.

Female Knave in Iron Man 3 Wasn’t a Real Mystery

It’s curious what Black’s original plan was for Maya and how Hall’s role in the film would’ve been stretched out.

It’s no puzzle that Iron Man 3 was formerly belonging to have a female chief knave virtually the same figure as Killian but only performed by a woman. The resolution was drawn upon by the more significant ups at Marvel, considering that female character toys don’t trade as well as their male equivalents. 

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