There is no doubt that Iron Man of MCU will remain one of our favorite superheroes. His most significant assets are his armors, which kept on changing and updating according to the needs.  Tony Stark has made around 85 suits or armors, all unique and upgraded versions. Let us have a look at the ten best armors of our very own Iron Man

  1. Mark I :

    10. Mark I :
    Iron Man in Mark I armor.

Mark I was the first armor designed by Tony Stark when he was captured and kept in a cave in Afghanistan, Iron Man 1 movie. It was the most primitive version of all. It might not be the most powerful one, but then it was the most special armor as it saved his life in the most crucial time of his life. 

  1. Mark III

    9. Mark III :
    A fight scene where Iron Man in bulletproof Mark III armor.

Tony Stark’s third armor was Mark III, which was the first entirely operated armor. Tony Stark designed it in classic red and gold color. This armor was Iron Man’s first high-tech armor, which could fly with supersonic speed and was full of various weapons. This armor was designed bulletproof, which could even explode a vast tank. 

  1. Mark V :

    8. Mark V :
    Iron Man gearing up in Mark V armor

Mark V was introduced in Iron Man 2, which was portable and can be stashed and fit into a briefcase. This armor was specially designed for such circumstances when Tony Stark has to be away from his lab. All other earlier versions of the armors needed special lab arrangements and assemblers to suit the Iron Man. 

  1. War Machine : 

    7. War Machine :
    James Rhodes suited up in War Machine along with Tony Stark.

War Machine armor is the upgraded version of Mark II armor, which was a specialty armor.  This armor was well known for its powerful weapons, one of which is the mini-gun attached at the back of this armor. 

  1. Hulkbuster :

    6. Hulkbuster :
    Iron Man suited up in Hulkbuster.

Hulkbuster is one of the most iconic armors ever created by Tony Stark.  This armor is proof that when it comes to designing weaponries, Tony has no boundaries. To match the power of Hulk, the armor was equipped with multiple arc-reactors and could replace its damaged parts during the ongoing battle time itself.

  1. Mark XLII :

    5. Mark XLII :
    Iron Man after getting automatically assembled in Mark XLII.

Mark XLII was one of the most innovative armors of the Iron Man Trilogy. Tony Stark designed this armor to be accessed and operated by Tony by sitting at any corner of the world without being physically present in the suit.  Due to this armor’s unique ability, Tony Stark could save his and Pepper Potts’ life during an attack. 

  1. Hulkbuster 2.0 :

    4. Hulkbuster 2.0 :
    Dr.Bruce Banner in Hulkbuster 2.0 during Infinity war in Wakanda.

Hulkbuster was upgraded and used in Avengers: Infinity War by Bruce Banner.  This armor was much more advanced and powerful than Hulkbuster, which defeated Cull Obsidian, who was the most physically strong and powerful character amongst the Black order.

  1. Mark L :

    3. Mark L :
    Iron Man in Mark L during Infinity War.

Mark L has a different fanbase as it was one of the most innovative and exciting armors of all in terms of technicality and looks. . This armor was made up of nanoparticles, which used to rest in the arc-reactor attached to Tony’s chest.  With the help of nanotechnology, Tony was able to create multiple weapons out of this armor.  

  1. Rescue Armor :

    2. Rescue Armor :
    Pepper Potts suited up in Rescue armor.

This armor was one of the special ones out of all armors, so it holds the second spot on the list. It was designed and gifted to Tony Stark’s soulmate Pepper Potts which remained an integral part of Iron Man’s journey since the inception. This suit was smaller than Iron Man’s suit but was equally powerful, equipped with great weapons.

  1. Mark LXXXV :

    1. Mark LXXXV :
    The legendary last scene of Iron Man in Mark LXXXV, in the Avengers: Endgame.

Mark LXXXV was the final armor of Tony Stark of his MCU journey, which holds the list’s first position.  Tony designed this armor such that it can resist the attack of infinity stones with the in-built infinity gauntlet. This is what helped Tony harness the infinity stones, which helped him snap out Thanos with his army and recover half of the universe which he has destroyed earlier. It costed his life in this armor to save the world in return.

Which of these Iron Man Armors is your favorite? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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