“Iron Man is 1000 Times More Than Peacemaker”: James Gunn Disses DC, Sides With Marvel

Peacemaker is an American television series created by James Gunn and meant to be streamed on HBO Max. The series is based on the DC Comics. It was released on January 13, 2022, with its first three episodes, initially. It acted as a follow up to the Suicide Squad from 2021. The film revolves around the genres of action, drama, and dark humor. Peacemaker, or Christopher Smith played by John Cena, is the protagonist, not evil, yet just a bad guy who seeks peace for which he wouldn’t mind if it means to even killing anyone.

John Cena In And As Peacemaker
John Cena as Peacemaker

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James Gunn on Marvel’s Iron Man

Gunn has had his contributions in both the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as the DC Extended Universe. ” Iron Man is 1000 times more than Peacemaker”, the writer took to Twitter to write an indirect or direct comparison between Iron Man and The Guardians, and the Peace Maker, from DC. People in the comments seem to be agreeing with the tweet too. Iron Man has indeed been a classic character and has made a place in people’s hearts, certainly more than the Peacemaker.

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man

Well, one of the reasons supporting this could also be that Robert Downey Jr.’s character has been making an appearance since 2008, however, John Cena has been on the screen as Peacemaker only from last year ( The Suicide Squad, 2021). Moreover, the character was not able to have enough share, and people were left wanting more. ” We didn’t get a complete opportunity to express that character fully in ‘The Suicide Squad’ because it’s a movie and it moves fast, there’s a lot of characters”, also explains Gunn. Until 2022, when DC came up with the self-titled film Peace Maker, which focused on this character alone. Besides, the reviews for Peacemaker have fans suggesting that James Gunn suits better for DC than Marvel.

John Cena As Peacemaker
John Cena in Peacemaker

“Yes there’s offensive jokes, yes there’s crude humor and all of that, and there’s violence and all these different things. It really was about inviting people into the show and getting them, or at least allowing them, to fall in love with these characters in the same way I did while I was writing them”, said Gunn, in a recent web chat conversation, ” I love working with John, I just really love John and so being able to work with him and well I knew that John is tremendously gifted as an actor — I was excited to be sharing with the world what John Cena was truly capable of doing as a performer. That was exciting to me.”

Peacemaker is now available on HBO Max

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