Iron Man Survived in This Avengers: Endgame Ending

Avengers has revealed so many other scenes, ideas & concept arts that we almost lost all of them. Avengers: The Art of the Film has leaked a bunch of new design crafts, with one of them showing an alternative ending in which Tony Stark survived. The death of Tony was probably Endgame’s most important moment and perhaps the whole MCU. But what if at all we didn’t have it?

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Before the movie came out, Marvel could never defeat Iron Man. It was assumed. Captain America, as Iron Man, is Marvel’s poster boy would be the one who will begin to break. We, therefore, thought Iron Man would receive a dignified retirement. Every film in the Iron Man 2 over 3 minutes finished with a gain of over $1 trillion after Iron Man 2. We thought that for future cameos Tony Stark would stay alive, and perhaps the Iron Man 4 would be on the line. But it was quite the opposite that happened.


It was Tony Stark who would have Captain America all will have to go back in time and get back the Infinity Stones instead of Hulk coming together with a new time machine. But we’d have seen both of them share a heartily proper good goodbye before Cap goes home. Crazy is we, the old man Cap, sitting on the bench, waiting for Captain America to return in time in the background of the photo.


But unfortunately, not all that happened. Tony Stark had to go out most fabulously, as Marvel did not retain anything. For another $1 trillion Iron Man project, they weren’t hungry. They have been happy with the death of their greatest hero. It means that Marvel is scared and needs his movie world to be all about!

Avengers: Endgame Writers explored that Iron Man 4 never happened during Vanity Fair:

Stephen McFeely–The capital Marvel built up allows you to do things like making a cinema that shows a ruminant and a tree, right, whether you like all of the 23 films? If it were any other movie, you’d already have Iron Man 4. But they chose,’ No, we’ll take chances to put the flag on the ground and say, that we’ll end something and take characters off the desk. It’s daring, I think, but egoistically, it was great for us. It’s fearless.

That needs an end, or it lacks meaning. Eventually, the thing cemented, practically sewed and put into a crescendo, and then, take the people from the committee and complete their arches. When Tony did it, and Iron Man 4 was waiting there, you’d have to be one too many.

The Statement

John Favreau started it all with Iron Man. Near Spider-Man: Far From Home’s production, here’s what he had to say about Iron Man 4:

“Four of us have not spoken. We enjoy collaborating because we enjoy the characters. I’ve talked to [ Marvel Studios chair] Kevin[ Feige] about this to see what they can do. We talk about it, and always joke about the story of a freak, who is the story of Happy Hogan when he becomes a hulk-like character. That’s something we’re kidding about. To date, no plans.


Well, the only way to create another film now is by restarting the MCU. Otherwise, we’ll probably get a franchise from Ironheart instead.

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