Iron Man’s Latest Armor is His Most Ridiculous Invention Yet

Over the years, we have seen Tony Stark wearing some ridiculous suits but the latest entry to the list might be his most absurd one yet. This features Tony having a Vespa scooter and a mobile battle suit.

While many fans are anticipating Iron Man’s new look in Avengers 4, or how it will differ from the previous interpretations, the Iron Man comic series by Dan Slott and Valerio Schitihas delivered a total KO punch.

We would leave the task of naming this suit to comic storytellers and fans. The issue begins with Stark taking out Janet Van Dyne for lunch in his civilian clothes. After getting almost killed in a Civil War II, Tony has been “psychologically” rebooted and well, him embracing a romantic style isn’t really surprising.

It sees Stark riding a Vespa through New York with Janet and their lunch is interrupted by an online dating website turning into an army of love robots. When Tony steps onto the Vespa and prepares to fight, Janet can’t believe that he left her behind. However, Tony is just initiating his scooter’s other form.

And in no time, we see an Iron Man suit fashioning out of a Vespa. The art team should be duly credited as each second on the issue during this reveals a new detail linking Downey and the scooter together. Vespa’s rear wheel and front mudguard transformed into his shoulders of the Iron Man suit. The rubber tyres make up the underlayer of the scooter.

Only Tony Stark can have a vintage Vespa and then have it transforming not a self-deploying battle armour. I guess that’s why fans love Tony Stark.

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