Bird Of Prey Disappoints with a Slumped Box Office Performance

Harley Quinn’s latest movie ‘Birds of Prey’ is already running in theatres. The movie has not just faced a lot of criticism but also is struggling to make it big. With people posting pictures of empty theatres and Twitter getting flooded in support, the results will definitely keep us interested.

The Controversy

Birds of Prey
Birds of Prey

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey has faced various issues. Since the launch of the trailer, the movie was believed to be an R rated film. The movie was also criticised to have lack of sex appeal. All these opinions could be simply crowned to the narrow mindedness of our male dominating society. However, there is also another perspective coming in front as a reason for its failure. It says that people need to be entertained, not to be lessened for a hit film.

The Supporters and Hashtags

Birds of Prey
Birds of Prey

The supporters of Bird of Prey definitely seem to have decided that they won’t accept a defeat so soon. There are a number of tweets praising the movie. It is an exact image of what one expects from a movie based on comics. It has action, it has a brilliant cast, it was fun, it has an awesome soundtrack, it has all it needs to have.

The Girl Squad in action might have made the male supremacy a target. Probably that’s the reason which makes accepting a girl as a superhero so hard. The film has challenged the orthodox male superhero idea up to the roots.

The Goods in the film

Story about a woman in lead, with a girl squad in action and directed by a woman again, is definitely something different. Even if we keep aside the gender biases, the movie has action, fun, story, music and everything else just up to the mark.


Birds of Prey
Birds of Prey

The Birds of Prey, which was expected to earn $50million in the opening weak, just earned $30millions. The movie has everything, still facing criticism as hell. Maybe people need entertainment without a lesson. What do you feel?

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