The second trailer for Captain Marvel was released earlier this week, and fans were excited to see more of the upcoming MCU film. The new trailer is full of details about Carol Danvers’ origin story but one moment of the trailer has people wondering if the film is foreshadowing the loss of Nick Fury’s eye.

The trailer featured Fury having a moment with Carol’s cat, Goose and it turned out that Fury is a cat person, which surprised fans on social media. However, despite the charming moment, many fans wondered if it’s Goose who will ultimately cost Fury his eye and while it will certainly be a sad turn considering how happy he looks petting the cat (Goose) in the trailer, it’s actually not impossible.

If you see the comics, Carol’s cat is named Chewie and, well, she isn’t exactly a cat. She’s something known as Flerken. When Carol headed off into the space to run the Alpha Flight space station, Chewie ended up going along for the ride. As the story progresses, they come across the Guardians of the Galaxy and Rocket Raccoon, upon seeing Chewie, loses himself. He literally attempted to kill poor Chewie and while Captain Marvel stopped him, Rocket kept insisting that Chewie is a Flerken — a dangerous alien species that takes the form of housecats.

And ultimately it turned out that Chewie really is a Flerken. She sprouts tentacles and tiny pocket universes when threatened and is pretty fierce. But she’s also very loyal to Carol and those she cares about which is why it isn’t too hard to believe that Goose — if she is a Flerken like Chewie — could be responsible for partially blinding Fury. If Goose thinks that Fury is threatening or hurting Carol, she might attack him.

Obviously, given how much Fury seems to like Goose in the trailer, there is another possibility: maybe Fury lost his eye while defending Goose. I mean, Fury is a cat person, after all.

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