Is Deadpool worthy of the Mjolnir? Loki says so!

Lifting the Mjolnir, aka Thor’s Hammer has always been a sequence of importance in the Marvel Comics. One who lifts it is worthy of it. Several superheroes have taken the test of worthiness from time to time. Most of them have failed. However, some have stood in the queue of exceptions. Captain America is the one who lifted the hammer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as the comics. But who is next? An intelligent guess would be Iron man. But that is incorrect. The one who lifted it was none other than Deadpool! But, how did the stars line up in such a weird manner?

How did Wade wield the Mjolnir?

Deadpool turned God of Thunder

In Deadpool #37, which was released back in 2000, the Merc with a Mouth is forced into a deal with the God of Mischief Loki. Merc is instructed by Loki to take out Thor so that Death can break free from the trickster’s claws. Loki also brings Deadpool aboard so that he can make Thor lose his hammer. After Odinson’s hammer is knocked out, Deadpool decides to pick it up and transforms into his version of the thunder lord!

All hail Lord Deadpool!

Deadpool with the Mjolnir

So, how does Deadpool utilize this power?  Deadpool being Deadpool orders from Taco Bell, and the order is not a small one. He calls out for 37 gorditas and some chips. He also hits a high strike at the carnival and tries using the Mjolnir version of a bat at a baseball game. Meanwhile, a powerless Thor tries to retrieve his possession but to no avail. Loki captures the Odinson, and Death is revived. So, Deadpool realizes that Loki has manipulated him, and he whacks him with the Mjolnir and saves Thor.

Is Wade the worthy one?

A segment from the Deadpool #37

So was Deadpool worthy? The answer is no, as Thor later reveals that the hammer Deadpool picked up was a forged one. Loki had cast his spells upon the Odinson’s hammer and hid it. However, he created a new hammer, probably from the same Uru metal, and guides it to Deadpool. Thor states that except for its flying ability, the hammer was a pure work of cosmetics. Loki did all of this to distract both Thor and Deadpool. The issue reaches a climax with Thor sparring Death and Deadpool getting knocked out by both the hammers.

So, there it is! Wade Wilson was never worthy but was played like a puppet by Loki. However, fans adored the sections where Deadpool used his powers. Writers Christopher Priest, Jim Calafiore, Mark McKenna, Shannon Blanchard, and Paul Tutrone were happy with the issue as well. But the bottom line is that Wilson could only be worthy of Loki’s spells!

Source: Screen Rant, Marvel

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