Is Hawkeye and No Way Home Related? Hawkeye Directors Answers…

Hawkeye is pacing towards its season finale and now, directors Bert and Bertie have revealed how they’ve referenced No Way Home in the series during Kate and Yelena’s conversation. The most recent episode of Hawkeye in the series starring Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner included many conversations about the broader Marvel Cinematic Universe. The series also stars Vincent D’Onofrio, Florence Pugh, Vera Farmiga, and Linda Cardellini.

Is Hawkeye and No Way Home related?

No Way Home
No Way Home

In the fifth episode of Hawkeye titled, “Ronin”, Yelena succeeds in ambushing Kate at her own apartment after Kate is pushed away by Jeremy Renner’s Clint once he thinks that the mission has become too dangerous for her. The two talk about Yelena’s mission over macaroni. During this conversation, Yelena mentions the list of things that she wants to see in New York, even mentioning the “new and improved Statue of Liberty.” Marvel fans picked on this line, pointing that No Way Home also featured a redesigned Statue of Liberty lifting Cap’s shield – and this was the setting for No Way Home’s climactic battle, where all three Spider-Men are lured by Spider-Villains. After the recent episode, director Bert and Bertie have finally revealed how these references came to life.

“We did. There’s a need to know basis. Things like that, there may have been a slightly larger reference to it in the original scripts. We love knowing that stuff. “Oh! That’s so cool.” Just how things weave together. That’s one we were aware of.”

No Way Home Takes Place In The Summer of 2024

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye
Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye

As reported by, both Bert and Bertie were recently asked in an interview if they were aware of the No Way Home set-piece in advance, while working on the series. Bertie stated that they were informed about the improvements in the Statue of Liberty, but most things were on a “need-to-know” basis. Bertie then revealed that they love knowing the smaller details, alongside the ability to weave aspects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe together.

No Way Home is set before the events of Hawkeye, with No Way Home taking place in the summer of 2024, while Hawkeye takes place at Christmas. In the climax of No Way Home, the Statue of Liberty is still being worked upon, while Yelena’s dialogue suggests that the monument is now open for all tourists. No Way Home also has a subtle nod to Hawkeye in the form of “Rogers: The Musical” posters which refer to the show Clint watches with his children in the season premiere.

The presence of the Statue of Liberty in these MCU stories not just connects the two projects, but can also be used to explore the universe. Endgame uses Liberty Island as a Marina for Blip survivors while No Way Home and Hawkeye build on the post-Endgame world.

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