Is John Krasinki The Best Choice For Playing Mr. Fantastic In MCU?

Since time immemorial, there have been many let say this or that kind of situations heeding to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

However, one of them is that John Krasinki would have played Captain America. Just like that, it didn’t work out, and he didn’t get the role. But John Krasinki’s name is again surfacing, and the gossip is all about the Fantastic Four.

Yes, you heard it right! Krasinki might play the role of Reed Richards Aka Mr. Fantastic in the MCU’s new Fantastic Four. And all the MCU fans are wanting this to happen for a long time now.

However, it’s a cherry on top that John Krasinki had a video conference with the officials of the MCU, and the fans are tripping up with happiness over this news.

Is John Krasinki, the right fit for Mr. Fantastic?

According to’s official podcast, it reveals everything regarding the probable cast of Fantastic Four. And it further puts some light on Krasinki’s casting in the movie.

As per Charlie, who’s from the Marvel studios said, he has no highest opinions regarding Reed Richards. However, in the comics, it shows Reed to be one of the most intelligent humans on the planet.

On the contrary, he is a jerk when it comes to the God complex many times as well as he is not a good father or a husband. The Character Reed always put his goals and career at the front despite the people who love him the most.

Though after mentioning many instances, he added even though all this, Krasinki is a very lovable and likable person indeed. And he will fit in as the most likable Reed Richards in the modern MCU’s Fantastic Four.

Reed Richards the new moral Compass of MCU.

By the end of the phase 3 MCU movies, Tony Stark and Captain America have already departed, the face of MCU. However, there has to be someone to become the moral compass of the modern MCU.

According to Charlie, Mr. Fantastic is not precisely the character of what the comics narrate him to be. Above all, he’s not sure whether he wants Richards to become the moral compass, which will lead others.

However, he believes Sue Storm aka the woman, can be the one who can guide others. And can act as more of a grounded personality. For the character Janell thinks, Emily Blunt, John Krasinki’s real-life wife, will be the best choice.

Though she has passed on two of the significant MCU roles, so the directors and Marvel studios have to wait and find a perfect match.

The Fantastic Four

What exactly the future holds for the Fantastic four?

After discussing a lot about the cast and the characters, Kofi says he has a plan in his mind for the new Fantastic four movie. He further adds that there are certainties that he can bring up the Maker, the broken rendition of Reed Richards that from the Ultimate Universe.

However, if that has to happen, then one has to have a very neat version of the good as well as the evil characters to work on with. And that’s what will help in making Mr. Fantastic Aka Reed Richards less likable character in the movie.


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