Is Kanye West Dead? $400M Rich Rapper Going Missing Sparks Concerns Hollywood Mafia Has Hunted Him Down

If you were waiting for 2023 to start with a bang, what a bigger one than Kanye West being possibly dead? Yes, rumors of the rapper gone missing have been around the corner for over a couple of days now, and no one has seen him in weeks. A hip hop news outlet, Daily Loud took to their Twitter account to share the news of the Donda rapper missing for weeks according to his ex-business manager. West has had a really hard year as his net worth took a huge crash after he made anti-Semitic comments. His innumerable efforts to reconcile with Kim Kardashian were all in vain as well as their divorce was finalized and he was mandated to pay an unfairly hefty sum in child support, despite the SKIMS founder being a billionaire herself.

And with practically no success in either his personal or professional life, going missing seems like the last nail in a coffin.

Kanye West going missing becomes the biggest 2023 news flash yet

Kanye West has gone missing
Kanye West

Kanye West is not in the best of places. After Yeezy was dropped by numerous brands, Adidas being the most notable, the 45-year-old lost his billionaire status as well. And it didn’t end there. According to reports, the Grammy winner was struggling financially and couldn’t even afford to pay the rent for his Yeezy office. Rumors also suggested that he was all set to sell his luxury car collection to cope with the money problems.

He was also getting sued by an ex-manager on the charge of violating contracts. And what do we know, being caught in the eye of this hurricane, he suddenly disappeared.

Kanye West rumored to be dead
Dead or alive?

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Twitter has been taken by storm ever since news of his going missing and being probably dead hit the streets.

Some fans even claimed that the Bound 2 rapper’s death would certainly point to a conspiracy.

And these fans are not the only ones who think that West is a victim of some greater organization out there.

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Jeffree Star claimed Kanye West was being targeted by the Hollywood Illuminati

Jeffree Star claims Kanye West was being targeted by the Hollywood Illuminati
Jeffree Star

American YouTuber Jeffree Star seems to think that the Praise God rapper is a victim of the Hollywood Illuminati, along with him and Britney Spears. The Jeffree Star Cosmetics owner posted a series of tweets on December 31 where he claimed to be lucky that the Illuminati hadn’t killed him yet despite having targeted him back in 2021.

The 37-year-old attributed all the controversies he was embroiled in since 2020 to him trying to expose the Hollywood elites, and that the dent in his reputation and name has been their doing. He then claimed that the Toxic singer and Gold Digger rapper are being targeted by the same elites.

Pair that with the news of Ye having actually gone missing and the fear has literally started to materialize for a number of his fans.

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Source: Twitter

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