Is Moon Knight Immortal?

It’s fair to wonder if any remaining opponent in the MCU could lay a real beating on Moon Knight by now. After all, Marc Spector (in the pages of the comic world) has always been a resilient vigilante and quite brutal. That’s before you factor in his God-like abilities which come from his connection to Khonshu. Now that he has dealt with so many beatings, destroyed lives, and ruined buildings, Spector appears to be virtually unstoppable as Khonshu’s avatar. It won’t be unfair to suggest that no one can match him when it comes down to raw power and righteous fury. Moreover, he can easily beat other MCU heroes. Does that mean he is immortal?

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Marc and Steven in Moon Knight Episode 5
Marc and Steven in Moon Knight Episode 5

What Happens In Episode 3

In episode 3 of Moon Knight, Marc Spector returns to Cairo to stop Arthur Harrow from setting free Ammit, the Egyptian Goddess. Spector manages to regain control of his body once more, yet Steven Grant (his alter ego) constantly fights him (as he remains determined not to return again within Marc). In addition, an unknown alter may cause even more terror at any moment. The Egyptian Moon God helps Marc remember that he requires his healing armor in order to face Arthur Harrow.

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Watch Moon Knight Episode 1 to 4 exclusively on Disney+
Watch Moon Knight Episode 1 to 5 exclusively on Disney+

Marc Spector’s ex-wife, Layla (May Calamawy) and work tirelessly to find a new way to locate Ammit’s tomb. However, this new lead comes with a price as Mogart gets them into a violent brawl. During the scuffle, Moon Knight is impaled multiple times by Anton’s henchmen, but his wounds seem almost surface level and are healed almost as quickly thanks to Khonshu’s armor. Moon Knight seems nearly unstoppable at this point based on the events we’ve seen so far and it appears that nothing can kill him so long as he has his armor.

Is Moon Knight Immortal?

While Khonshu, the Egyptian moon God appeared in multiple Marvel comics to give Marc Spector his various powers, this kind of rapid healing factor being displayed in the MCU series is on another level. Superpowers and superheroes can be difficult for even fans to keep track of at times. It depends upon specific story arcs, the particular writer penning his story at the time, and whether or not those powers are connected to Khonshu. That being said, however, it’s very clear that Moon Knight just isn’t what he seems and those powers come from Khonshu after all.

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Marvel’s Moon Knight
Marvel’s Moon Knight

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of Moon Knight is invincible. However, he can still be killed by anyone. This is because Moon Knight’s powers are synced with that of Khonshu and his healing armor. Thus, it is essential to save Khonshu to save Marc and Steven from Arthur and his sycophants.

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