Is Pique Getting Emo Now? Shakira’s New Hit Single ‘I Realized You Are a Fake’ Blares Loudly Inside Barcelona Dressing Room

Shakira’s song, Te Felicito, featuring Rauw Alejandro could be heard blaring loudly in FC Barcelona’s dressing room before their match against Real Madrid in Las Vegas. The song , Te Felicito, appears to be a dig at Gerard Pique’s actions.

Shakira’s song was playing in FC Barcelona’s dressing room

Gerard Pique
Shakira’s song was playing in FC Barcelona’s dressing room

The Colombian singer clarified that the lyrics of Te Felicito have nothing to do with the FC Barcelona’s defender, but it’s hard not to connect the dots when listening to the song as it feels like a breakup song aimed at a dishonest ex. With everything going on between the two, fans feel like the song is a dig at Gerard Pique’s actions.

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Is Pique getting emo now?

Gerard Pique and Shakira
Gerard Pique and Shakira

The song accuses an ex-partner of being fake and a two-faced liar. It also displays the perspective of someone who lost something real, someone who supported them and stood by them. It’s not hard to associate Shakira and Gerard Pique’s situation with this song.

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Shakira and Gerard Pique got separated last month

Shakira wants to live a quiet life with her kids in Miami

The Colombian singer and the Spanish soccer player began dating in 2010 and confirmed their split last month in a joint statement because Gerard Pique was caught cheating on the singer. Roberto Garcia, who is the ex-boyfriend of one of Shakira’s sisters, hinted that money issues may have also been one of the reasons behind the split. They share two sons: 7-year-old Sasha Piqué Mebarak and 9-year-old Milan Piqué Mebarak. They will soon go to court to decide who gets custody of their children.

There are rumors that Shakira might move to Miami with her children as soon as she gets custody of them. Shakira hired two highly professional lawyers who will help her.

Source: Marca

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