Is Radcliffe one of The Famous person Suffering from Corona?

Is Radcliffe one of The Famous person Suffering from Corona?

People are continuing to take extreme precautions throughout the planet because the threat of the coronavirus continues. The list of individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 continues to grow.

Who All are on the Corona’s List?

Who All are on Corona's List!
We wish for your Healthy Recovery.

The celebrity duo, Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks , were the initial big names to mark positive for coronavirus, but talks about other famous peoples are spreading. One actor to seek out themselves within the coronavirus rumor mill is Daniel Radcliffe, the actor best known for enjoying the titular role within the Harry Potter films.

What was the news?

What was the news?
Corona Trap set-up by Account Holders!

According to TooFab, a fake BBC account tweeted that the actor was sick with coronavirus, which is what caused the rumor to spread. Radcliffe commented on the false news in his recent interview with the Australian radio host, Smallzy.

Daniel’s take on the Rumor!

Daniel's take on the Rumor!
He was Calm as ever and Didn’t Blam the Fake Account Holder.

“It’s amusing you interrogate me just because I roamed into the makeup and hair compartment on the drama, and therefore the makeup specialist said, ‘My niece just texted me and told me you’d detected corona,'” Radcliffe shared. “I was like, ‘What?!’ He showed me a tweet, it had been like, ‘Daniel Radcliffe becomes the primary superstar to contract coronavirus,'” he continued. “I was like, what?!” He knew the reason why the fake account chose him. “It’s because (I think) simply I look unwell every time, so you’ll believably assume it about me,” he joked, “Cause I’m very pale.” The actor was definitely in genuine dispositions about the whole thing, and he said, was “very exalted,” the fake account chose him.

Check out the tweet below:

Source: comicbook, Twitter

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