MTV and Netflix released two seasons of their horror flick Scream a reboot of the classic franchise, unfortunately the scream killer didn’t just kill teenagers the series is their newest and baddest victim. Season one first premiered in 2015 with 10 exciting episodes, although the series wasn’t huge with viewers due to the lack of the horror fan base, it was certainly enjoyable. Strangely enough they didn’t just focus on the scream killer, he/she only had 9 minutes screen time for the first season, it was important for MTV and Netflix to keep his/her identity a mystery and they definitely did leaving fans shocked about screams identity [SPOILERS] having Screams identity actually being a girl! And a close friend to her victim (s)

Season two was also a hit for horror fanatics, with the show defiantly making some of us jump scare. Season two had also more viewers than the first season, which is a rare accomplishment for a horror TV show, Scream season two premiered in October of 2017 so you would assume season 3 would come around in 2018, that was the original plan but things fell apart.

Season 3 was originally planned to abandoned the entire cast of the previous two, making season 3 a ‘soft reboot’ it was also only confirmed to be 6 episodes long, although fans were upset to have a different and shorter season, the last update was over a year ago! MTV was originally said to premiere the 6 episode during a 3 night period, having the show to end a lot faster than any other. But what exactly happened? If season 3 was to be released we’re certainly not getting season 4! All 6 episodes are filmed and the cast was revealed, MTV and Netflix spent a lot of money on production so why won’t they release it? Apparently the two companies fell Apart, although it makes sense for MTV to just release it they won’t, its unclear why and at the moment no body knows if scream 3 will reach the light of day.

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