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Is Superman Too Overpowered?


What’s up, everybody? and welcome to Animated Times, where we love comics more than Donald Trump loves Twitter. I’m your host Sazid, and my friends, we are talking about some Superman more specifically. Question is Superman too overpowered? admittedly, this is a pretty subjective debate. As their solid points to be made on both sides of the discussion. So let’s start with some facts about his powers, and abilities and then, I’ll tell you where we land on the subject.

Superman Too Overpowered
Superman is, of course, a son of Krypton who draws his power from the energy of Earth’s Yellow Sun. His incredibly well-known power set includes nearly unrivaled, super strength, super speed, the power of light, and vulnerability heat and x-ray vision, super hearing, super breath, and super stamina. Superman isn’t alone and possessing a mix of these particular powers. Martian Manhunter, for example, seems to match Superman’s power set.

So why all the debate? over Superman being too overpowered. Well, it really seems to stand from the fact, that Superman has been shown to have no real ceiling to his power. His ability seemingly stretched to meet whatever challenge or evil he must face, so while he’s not the only one to have these powers or abilities. He just always seems to be able to take them a little further than others. It wasn’t always that way though.

When Supes was first created in the 1930s, his powers were limited to super-strength, SuperSpeed, and of course, the ability to leap over tall buildings in a single bound. While those aren’t insignificant, It’s a long way from the Superman we have today and that’s because starting in the 1940s, DC began to increase and expand Superman’s powers and abilities, in order to keep readers interested. By consistently giving the character bigger dangerous challenges to overcome. This trend continued until Superman’s powers peaked in the 1980s, just before Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Superman showing power

When at times, he was presented with basically godlike strength and power though post-Christ, Superman did see certain brief restrictions placed on his power as was demonstrated in the Infinite Crisis, and Death of Superman storylines. But his power began to increase yet again through the new 52, and now rebirth. To the extent that he since displayed insane feats of strength, like containing a black hole within his bare hands a few other examples of Superman’s seemingly limitless power would be punching Wonder Woman, who many believe to be his equal, from the Sun to the earth destroying an entire solar system with a single sneeze. Which is just ridiculous shattering the boundaries between space and time, by exchanging punches with an altered version of himself, and bench-pressing the weight of the earth for five days straight, only to generate a single drop of sweat.

Anyway, I could actually go on for quite some time listing insane demonstrations of his power. But the main point is that the overpowered debate is not about his skill set. It’s driven by Superman’s demonstrated ability, to extend his strength and power to meet almost any challenge. Even begging the question of whether he’s a God.

But okay!! Where do we fall on a topic? Well I don’t personally think of Superman is too overpowered for one reason’ and it’s mostly a philosophical one. For me, it’s because the character from his earliest days was meant to be the embodiment of hope, and an example of the idea that humankind, is at its best when we place to love and concern for our fellow man ahead of ourselves. This is the very reason, that Superman has often been considered a Christ-like figure, in comics, and why he’s been used to tell stories that brought hope, and comfort to many during incredibly difficult times like World War Two. Giving war-weary people something to cheer for when things otherwise look bleak and helping them believe that good can win even against the greatest odds.

If the main point of Superman is to encourage hope and optimism, he must be shown to have limitless potential to break through any barriers and overcome any challenges or obstacles. Otherwise, I think it would defeat the primary purpose of the character. Sure love and care bear-hugs hasn’t always been Superman’s motivation and the last Son of Krypton, has definitely seen some darker periods, and storylines.

But overall he has been one of the most consistently reliable superheroes in comic book history, and certainly one of its biggest symbols of truth, justice, and self-sacrifice and during a time where the world could once again use characters that promote the notion of Hope, humanity, and concern for our fellow man. It’s good to see DC move to restore the version of Superman, that embodies those characteristics, and message. Now I know that some of you will disagree, and say that’s his level of power makes him predictable. Or that it strips him from all human, flaws and makes him boring.

But, to that I would say, he’s not meant to be like Batman or Wolverine or Tony Stark. He’s meant to represent the best of us. I say let those other characters tell that side of the human story, and let Superman do what he does.

So there was our view on Is Superman Too Overpowered? Tell us your views in the comments down below.