Is The Mandalorian’s Beskar Armor Stronger Than Captain America’s Vibranium Shield?

Today, we’ve got a clash between the precious metals from two different Disney owned Universes. The Mandalorian Season 2 has recently shown how strong and rare beskar is in the Galaxy Far Far Away. But, is it stronger than MCU’s Vibranium? What’s going to be a better option for an individual – Mando’s beskar armor or a Cap’s Vibranium shield? Well, the answer isn’t simple.

A couple years back, Chris Evans and Mark Hamill were asked whether a lightsaber can cut through Vibranium. As you can see, Evans simply denied the possibility of it. But Hamill’s answer was rather diplomatic as according to him, it’d depend upon Universes. Well, let’s just say that a burning hot saber cannot cut through Cap’s shield because that would allow a better comparison with the beskar armor.

In The Mandalorian Chapter 13: The Jedi, Ahsoka Tano attacked Mando with her two white lightsabers. This is when we witnessed that the armor did not budge. It was a really cool moment as it showed us the true strength and resilience of beskar. In fact, the armor didn’t even burn with the Krayt Dragon’s acid spit. But having said that, a beskar armor still has one little weakness as it doesn’t cover the whole body of its wearer. There are gaps between the joints which could be exploited. In Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, Jango Fett sustained a couple attacks from the rhinoceros-like Reek while wearing his beskar armor. But, Mace Windu was able to exploit the armor’s weakness as he decapitated Jango Fett, whose neck wasn’t covered with the armor.

Captain America’s shield in the MCU can absorb heavy energy attacks with ease. It won’t even be scratched when it defends a Grenade attack, or even Mjolnir’s attack for that matter. In fact, it doesn’t just absorb attacks, but also deflects them. It is extremely light to carry, and can be used for defense as well as offense. Cap does get a lot of flexibility while he uses the shield. Although, it only has a couple weaknesses in the MCU. The first weakness is that it won’t protect Cap against unseen attacks while a Mandalorian armor could prevent that. And secondly, Cap’s Vibranium shield would fall prey to extremely strong hits coming from an Uru blade.

Mando’s armor would be great to walk into a heavy line of fire and change the momentum of a battle. But it can’t be used as a projectile weapon, whereas Cap’s shield can. Mando’s new beskar spear could change the dynamic of this comparison a tiny bit, but I’m still going to say that Cap’s Vibranium shield will prove to be more useful due to its energy absorbent traits and flexible usage. And besides, Vibranium has several other benefits which beskar doesn’t.

In the comics Captain America’s shield is made up of a metal called Proto-Adamantium, instead of just Vibranium. This is actually the strongest version of Adamantium & it was mixed with Vibranium to create Cap’s shield. Dr. MacLain created it, and no one could ever recreate it. So, the comics version of the shield is even stronger than the MCU, which is another reason why the shield wins. But you’d be invincible if you get a beskar armor, a beskar staff, and Cap’s Vibranium shield!

Vansh Mehra
Vansh Mehra

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