Is the Movie Joker Completely Based on Hallucinations?

Joker serves as a standalone movie for DC Comics infamous Clown Prince of Crime, Joker. The movie is directed by Todd Phillips and stars Joaquin Phoenix aka Joker. Joaquin Phoenix will portray the lead character Arthur Fleck who is pursuing stand-up comedy. But he ultimately fails at the one thing he loves the most. This pushes our lead character into a dark place due to his own shortcomings. Joker is also mistreated by society at large. The storyline consists of a psychological study about a man goes insane beyond the limits. That is how Joker is born who loves to indulge in chaotic violence. This dark thriller released in the cinemas on October 4, 2019.

The Non-Existent Sophie

The Non-Existent Sophie
Sometimes You Have To Play The Role of a Fool.

Arthur’s life seems to have certain optimism with the presence of Sophie (played by Zazie Beetz) in his life. Sophie is Arthur’s neighbor, who lives across from him. She keeps Arthur company while he is roaming the streets of Gotham and giggles at his funny jokes. But most importantly, Sophie is a ray of sunshine in Arthur’s life when the going gets tough. Arthur feels relatively calm and comfortable around Sophie. All of this comes crashing down when there is a revelation that the reality may be somewhat different. The illusion is broken when Arthur goes to Sophie’s apartment after killing his mother. But to his surprise, Sophie is shocked as she barely knows the man and asks him to leave. This is the moment when Arthur realizes that Sophie was never there on the imaginary dates that he made up in his head. This completely breaks Arthur on the inside, and he gives in to his darker impulses that define him as the Joker.

Battle of Illusion Vs Reality

Battle of Illusion Vs Reality
You Would Go Insane Trying To Understand My Mind. – Joker


Arthur’s delusions turn out to be a complex disaster in which one cannot fathom in their wildest dreams. In the movie, Arthur spends his time adjusting to life without his state-provided medication. Before being on medication, Arthur fantasizes that he is a popular fellow. He even fantasizes about appearing on Murray Franklin (played by Robert De Niro) show. He is so deep into these delusions that Sophie’s situation turns out to be a slap across his face. Sophie’s terrified and shocked expressions in reality help Arthur realize what’s happening to him. With his delusions becoming more pronounced, a genuine question can be asked about how much of his subsequent actions are informed by them.

Joker Becomes Inspirational

Joker Becomes Inspirational
Why So Serious?


As the movie progresses, Arthur’s actions lead to anarchy gripping Gotham, seemingly inspiring people to terrible acts. He sneaks through a massive protest, extensive police presence, and building security at a theater to confront Thomas Wayne (played by Brett Cullen). When Murray Franklin brings this up during his interview, Arthur admits that his mental illness has changed his perspective. He then proceeds to kill the talk-show host. Arthur watches riots overtake Gotham. There is a possibility that Arthur Fleck imagined him being supported by the public just as his previous delusions. The final moments of the movie have Fleck locked in Arkham, telling a social worker about how he knows a joke that she wouldn’t “get.” Arthur Fleck is conflicted on the inside by his thoughts and the acceptance for the same by the world.

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